20 minutes - Sauna atmosphere on the plane: 50 degrees on board - Unusual

20 minutes - Sauna atmosphere on the plane: 50 degrees on board - Unusual

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Passengers on a Siberian Airlines flight from Novosibirsk to Ekaterinburg endured a hellish journey last week. After waiting for long minutes in a bus with the doors open at -25 ° C, the travelers finally thought they could enjoy the heat of the plane. They did not think they were saying so well: on entering the cabin, the passengers were greeted with a burning smell and a temperature close to 50 ° C. "I put my hand on the place where the air conditioning came out, and I had the impression that it was boiling," told the "Daily Mail" Vladimir Shakhrin, a traveler.

Even before takeoff, the situation took a nightmare turn. "The plane was like a sauna, and people started to complain," said the passenger. In addition to the discomfort generated by the stifling heat, the passengers were very concerned for their safety: a strong smell of burnt cables made them fear the worst. "We are going down right away", "Stop the plane", "I don't want to fly, your plane has a problem", said the travelers in turn.

Summoned out of the cockpit, the captain stated that the aircraft was in good condition but admitted that there was a problem with the air conditioning. He also assured passengers that everything would be fine after takeoff, but that was not the case. At first, the temperatures dropped drastically, before rising to unbearable heights. "During the whole flight, either we were suffocating hot, or the air was freezing," says Vladimir. Two passengers ended up feeling unwell.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Ekaterinburg has announced the opening of an investigation. A flight attendant also told passengers that they had already experienced this incident on the same aircraft. "You are in the air, there is something that is not working, and you do not know what the consequences could be. I have never known such a terrible flight, ”concludes Vladimir. A spokesperson for the company simply declared that specialists were looking for the cause of this hiccup.

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