A monument to Stalin was erected in Novosibirsk

A monument to Stalin was erected in Novosibirsk

The Novosibirsk Arts Council has finally approved the erection of the monument in the city center on March 13th. Of the 16 experts who attended the meeting, 11 voted in favor of erecting the monument. & Nbsp;

According to the President of the Council, erecting a monument in the courtyard of the Party's Regional Committee is a compromise solution because "wishing will be able to plant flowers and at the same time it will not offend people who consider Stalin to be a tyrant". & Nbsp;

Prior to the final decision, the mayor had publicly discussed the idea of ​​erecting a monument to Stalin. There were 155 positive reviews, 97 of which were identical. There were also 85 negative reviews of the proposal, as well as 3 blank. & Nbsp;

At the same time a poster featuring Stalin and "Save the Jews in Europe from Genocide! Poland, Germany, Romania ..." appeared in Surgut & nbsp; There is a portrait of Stalin on the poster and several photos of concentration camps. In social media posts with a banner photo, the activists noted that it was posted with the support of locals.

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