A new love is like a new life: Why Cory Emmerton knows this better than anyone else!

A new love is like a new life: Why Cory Emmerton knows this better than anyone else!

Cory Emmerton stormed for HC Ambrì-Piotta for three seasons before deciding to join Sibir Novosibirsk in the KHL. After only eleven games and a disappointing adventure, he is back in the National League, but not with Ambri, but with Lausanne.

For three years, Emmerton was one of the best scorers in the Ticino. The time at Ambri was a complete success for him and even brought him to the KHL at Sibir Novosibirsk. For the Russians, the 30-year-old center wanted to really get going and prove itself in a big league. & Nbsp;

That shot backfired. Emmerton was no longer considered after the first eleven games. The Canadian did not score a single scoring point during these eleven missions. Definitely not enough for a center and the KHL. But Novosibirsk did not score a single point in the first twelve games!

Now Emmerton is back in Switzerland. But the Canadian doesn't stand for the Ticinese on the ice, but for Lausanne. The Vaudois have signed the 30-year-old to replace Dustin Jeffrey, who injured his right wrist and was due to fail for several months. But thanks to a miracle cure, Jeffrey was already back on the ice on Tuesday evening and entered the scorer list as an assistant. & Nbsp;

His passport found its way via Junland to the stick of Cory Emmerton, who in the meantime scored 1-1 against his ex-club Ambri. The Canadian then played the second game after his return on Swiss ice against the Ticinese and was celebrated as a goal scorer.

Despite the 1-4 defeat, Lausanne now has an additional, healthy foreigner in the squad. Emmerton signed with his new love until the end of the season. Sunday will show whether Emmerton will even become a shock to the Ticino people after three years with Ambri. Then the Lausanne team will meet Ambri again in the Cup and the Canadian will return to Valascia.

Lausanne was able to present in Pilsen. With a narrow lead and the home crowd in the back, the Vauders move into the second leg. Will you make it into the quarter-finals for the first time?

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