A tiny minibus drove around Novosibirsk

A tiny minibus drove around Novosibirsk April 28th | Barnaul | 20 ° C ... 24 ° C | USD - 74.496 | EUR - 80.7611

The authors of the YouTube channel "Garage 54" released a video about a trip through the streets of Novosibirsk on a makeshift minibus. True, they carried fake passengers, the host admitted.

The team has already conducted an experiment with the Gazelle, in which the maximum number of people tried to fit in the minibus. And now they cut the body, connecting the back with the cab, and painted the car yellow. The route was briefly written on the windshield. The leader got behind the wheel, and the car drove around the city. The authors wanted to see people's reactions.

Someone wrote in the comments: “In this minibus, the phrase“ pass on a ticket ”will never sound.” Also, users propose the idea of ​​a two-story Gazelle, Gazelle-Limousine and Gazelle-accordion.

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