Mexico City, Seoul, Boston, Jakarta, São Paulo, Novosibirsk, Athens and Bangkok: ART GAMES programmers and game developers united with artists and creatives on eight game jams worldwide. Ten games, developed from these game jams and selected by a jury of experts, were presented at the international A MAZE. / Berlin Festival shown from April 25th to 29th. Participants and partners from the eight countries traveled to Germany to transform the global virtual network of ART GAMES into an analog one. more...

Babel-o-Rama is testing the possibilities of a multiplayer game on mobile devices. Three or more players are asked to cooperatively solve word puzzles in different languages. The common vocabulary is constantly expanded through collaboration and teamwork.

Help refugees to think of better and safer times in order to collect enough strength for the escape and against lurking dangers. As a player, it is important to watch the field closely to show the refugees the way to a safer future.

2984 Little Brother is set 1000 years after George Orwell's 1984. After humans destroyed Earth, some of them fled to the planet Utopia. The Utopia Union comprises many different tribes that call themselves 'Little Brothers'. The Union is based on the principle of direct democracy and its citizens participate politically on nine interactive tele-screens. As a player you are one of the Little Brothers. What does your utopia look like?

SunShine confronts players with an imperfect utopia, a virtual reality. Unlike many mainstream games, this single player game is not cute, but cool and brutal. Every unit on this virtual earth is closely linked to form a utopia. Design your own utopia, make it bloom and protect it!

circled. is an experimental multiplayer game that critically examines how we approach human relationships. Based on abstract networks, social conflicts are examined, such as rejection, social adjustment, social pressure, personality changes, loss of identity and destructive behavior. How much are you willing to sacrifice to be part of a community? How far do we have to put our own identity back in order to integrate into a society?

Artists discover the app as a medium. In Germany you can use it to score points at the App Art Award. However, it is not always easy to distinguish between art, interface design and gaming.

The German game scene is big. Anyone who knows them appreciates their versatility and collegiality. But few people know them. Talented developers want to change that.

Without a million dollar budget and a large publisher behind you, no video game will be a success. But those times are over. Today, independent developers are shaking up the games market with small, fine games.

Virtual and augmented reality, serious and indie games were just some of the topics at this year's Gamescom. Our encounters with exhibitors and experts from Great Britain, Sweden, the United States and Turkey were also particularly interesting.

Are games still pure male domains? The game journalist and developer Nina Kiel examined gender-specific role models in contemporary titles in her book “Gender in Games”. A conversation about gender issues in nerd culture.

Computer games are the new leading medium of the entertainment industry. However, the commercial success of new media is usually followed by artistic reflection, artistic ridicule and artistic processing.