Biysk deputies mitigated liability for errors in declarations

Biysk deputies mitigated liability for errors in declarations How do you break self-isolation?
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Biysk deputies mitigated liability for errors in declarations
Kommersant (Novosibirsk) No. 183 dated 10/08/2019

The Biysk City Duma ignored the decision made at the August session on the deprivation of the mandates of three deputies who made mistakes in the declarations for 2017, considering it illegitimate. The representative body adopted amendments to the charter of the city and the regulations of the city duma, allowing to apply other measures of disciplinary action to deputies, in addition to resignations. Most likely, the issue of liability of violators will be re-examined at one of the next Duma sessions. The desire to retain power at all costs will lead to strong reputational losses, political scientists are sure.

Yesterday, at a session, deputies of the Biysk City Duma adopted amendments to the city’s charter and the rules of the representative body, according to which alternative measures of responsibility were established for providing incorrect or incomplete income information, in addition to depriving deputy seats. In particular, violators can now get off with a warning, a ban on holding senior positions in a representative body and working as a deputy on an ongoing basis. Changes were made in connection with the entry into force of relevant amendments to the federal law on local self-government and the regional law on combating corruption.

The amendments turned out to be very useful for the Biysky Duma, which at the August session made an attempt to deprive the mandates of three deputies who made mistakes in the declarations for 2017. Then, United Russia decided not to vote for the early resignation of deputies, the faction of the ruling party, headed by speaker Sergei Lareikin, almost in full strength (12 people) left the conference room. The opposition and the United Russia party remaining at the session considered that, despite the colleagues ’demarche, there was a quorum for making a decision. As a result, all 14 deputies remaining in the hall voted for the deprivation of the mandates of the deputy chairman of the Duma of United Russia Igor Stepanov, liberal democrat Alexander Vishnyakov and communist Alexander Khlynovsky.

This decision was made not only by representatives of opposition parties, but also by four United Russia members. Later, United Russia punished both those who left and those who remained. A warning has been announced to the head of the demarche, Sergey Lareikin. Comments on the early resignation of violators Nikolai Belozerov, Evgenia Belyaeva and Oles Tyryshkina made comments for the failure to comply with the faction’s decision to retain mandates. Ruslan Kurasov was expelled from United Russia for discrediting the party in social networks and the media.

A Kommersant source said that representatives of the United Russia faction considered the decision to dismiss deputies "illegitimate and ignored it." Note that, according to the regulations of the Duma, to deprive a deputy’s mandate, it is necessary to gain 50% plus one vote of the number of elected 30 deputies.

Sergey Lareikin promised to return later to the consideration of the prosecutor’s submission on the early deprivation of deputies of their powers for errors in tax returns. “It is necessary that the municipal law comes into force, after that we will return to the issue of holding deputies accountable,” he said.

Political strategist Konstantin Lukin believes that the Duma takes time to preserve the mandates of the deputies. “Instead of making a specific decision at the request of the prosecutor’s office, the deputies replaced this issue, proposing to bring municipal legislation in line with new trends, and sabotaged what the law called for them.” The expert is sure that reputation losses will affect all participants in the process. “The people see this desire to maintain power at all costs and defend the mandate. Ultimately, this will affect the image of the party as a whole, it will give the impression that deputies cannot be trusted, and first of all, representatives of the ruling party, because they are the instigators of the situation, ”says Konstantin Lukin. He believes that reputational losses can be avoided only if violators themselves resign, and then again go to the polls in order to reinstate themselves in the City Duma and “win the trust of the townspeople again”.

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