Complaints were made about the damage to the Perth-Wellington ballot papers

Complaints were made about the damage to the Perth-Wellington ballot papers

Brendan Knight has worked with several political campaigns over the years as a leader, volunteer and candidate, and has come to look forward to the damage and theft of election signs.

The Perth-Wellington Liberals campaign has been wounded throughout the ride, including several thrown into shallow water under a bridge near Lake Conestoga. (Photo submitted)

STRATFORD - Brendan Knight has worked with several political campaigns over the years as a leader, a volunteer and a candidate, and is expected to wreak havoc and theft on election signs.

Campaign leader Knight, a Perth-Wellington Liberal candidate, Pirie Mitchell, reported to the Canadian election and told police investigating a recent rash of vandalism involving 14 marks submerged in a shallow water near Conestoga Lake.

"It will take a lot of time," he said. “I knew it was going to be a difficult election. You can expect some damage in every campaign, but losing the whole of Wellington County means you can't compare it. "

Knight said damaged or stolen signage is reported almost daily and has already exceeded 100, but by 28-29. The September weekend was the worst since the election, called September 11. In North Wellington, forty large signs and northern Perth were lost, and all small signs were made in Palmerston and other mostly rural towns and villages.

“That person or people went through a lot of effort. It was not like they just stopped one by one, ”Knight said. "I don't know why people would do it in general."

"This is the characters' own money," Knight said. “(It) does not take time and gas for very big riding. I am sure it will be frustrating for all parties involved and unfortunately it has risen to this level. "

"The reason for this is difficult to know," said Geoff Krauter's local NDP campaign manager Emma Dinicol. “I just know that we are sympathetic to them, because people's donated tags are people's hard-earned money. This is a disappointment. "

Tim Sparks, a spokesman for conservative candidate John Nater, said a handful of the party's 1,700 badges have been replaced throughout the ride.

"Liberals seem a bit monstrous this time around, but the same thing is ahead of us," he said. "Fortunately, not to the same extent."

Given the cost of producing and replacing damaged or stolen badges, and their environmental impact at the time of disposable plastics becoming obsolete or outlawing them, local campaigns were asked whether they thought the badges should be abolished.

"As far as labels in general are concerned, it's a form of advertising and showing political support," Knight said. “For some people, this is a way to express their feelings in another way. I'm trying to get through the campaign right now. After that, we decide what different planning we do for signs or other things. "

The Perth-Wellington Green Campaign will donate to local conservation authorities to plant trees to offset the environmental costs of the stamps. Simmons added that he would like to see signs confined to the signs required by voters, as opposed to the majority placed on roadside and public spaces.

"If one candidate does that, then everyone has to do it," Dinicol added. "You have to bring out the candidate's name from there.

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