The crystal clear waters of Lake Novosibirsk are one of the most popular scenarios among instagrammers, despite the fact that their beauty is dangerous for tourists.

Don't judge the book by its cover, this is one of those cases where nothing is what it seems. The clear and turquoise waters of Novosibirsk lake, which attract thousands of tourists to Russia, are actually full of pollutants from Siberia's largest power plant. The nickname that has been attributed to this surreal place, "the Siberian Maldives", suggests the unique beauty of what is now the backdrop for selfies and group photographs posted on Instagram. No more filters and maximum saturation thanks to a phenomenon that is anything but natural. In fact, the incredible color that the water of the & nbsp; artificial site has assumed is due to the deposits of calcium salts and metal oxides, which make it reach an extremely alkaline pH of 8.

The pond has thus conquered social media: there are those who choose it as the background for the wedding album and those who even get photographed in their swimsuits in the midst of toxic waters. The phenomenon has thus begun to worry the authorities and the company that manages the landfill, the & nbsp; Siberian Generating Company (SGK), has published a press release aimed specifically at instagrammers:

We know that our ash store has become a webstar and is the favorite backdrop for your selfies, but please do not fall into it while taking photos. This is the biggest risk.

So even if the photographs at the lake will make you acquire many likes and followers, a bath in its waters could cause serious damage to your health, such as strong allergies to the skin. Diving in the artificial lake & nbsp; does not cause death, but also serious skin irritations. Furthermore, once you are bathed in crystal clear waters, you risk not being able to swim towards the shore anymore.

Despite the alarming scenario, the press release, also posted on the Russian social Vkontakte, had the opposite effect. & Nbsp; Instagrammers have not decreased at all, indeed a hand-painted wooden sign appeared on the banks of the lake, with the symbol of Instagram and the words: "Maldives of Novosibirsk". Visitors increase, especially on weekends, always looking for photographs to share on social media.

Like the Siberian Maldives, there are also those "Spanish" among the places most loved by instagrammers, although it is better not to dive inside. We are talking about the lake of Monte Neme, in northern Spain, which is located on the site of an old tungsten mine used between the First and Second World Wars to extract weapons and ammunition manufacturing materials. Once decommissioned, it has left marvelous crystalline but harmful waters. Nicknamed "the Chernobyl of Galicia", the Spanish lake is both the backdrop for perfect photos, and the best way to deal with skin problems but also nausea and vomiting with a single dip.

Here too, having noticed the strange influx of tourists, the local association Salvemos A Cabana asked for more checks by the authorities, precisely to avoid accidents. There is therefore a twofold solution: the first is to place a sign to warn tourists of possible risks to their health, the second, more radical, involves the reclamation of the area, an operation that would cost almost 800 thousand euros according to the accounts de & nbsp; La Voz de Galicia.

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