Excess whiskey: Passengers captivate mob passengers!

Excess whiskey: Passengers captivate mob passengers!

A drunk passenger was so freaked out on the plane that his fellow passengers took drastic measures: they tied the 26-year-old's hands and feet with belts and tape.

First he got drunk with whiskey and then mobbed other fellow travelers: This 26-year-old passenger of the Russian airline S7 would be a promising candidate for the title "worst fellow traveler of the year".

Three hours after the start of flight 582 from Bangkok to Novosibirsk, the man annoyed and intimidated the other passengers. Even the flight attendants were unable to cope with the mob passenger.

The situation escalated so much on Tuesday that the pilot announced that he would make a stopover in China or Mongolia. Then the riot passenger should be removed from the plane. But the passengers apparently didn't feel like it and took care of the troublemaker themselves.

Blogger Pavel M. was also on board the machine. On Instagram, he describes what exactly happened: After some passengers pushed the man onto the floor, they tied his wrists and ankles with belts and parcel tape behind his back.

A spokesman for the airline confirmed the incident. He told British Mirror that the man had been taken away by the airport police after landing in Novosibirsk. He now has to pay a penalty for his freaking out.

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