Experts spoke about the problems of the national project "Digital Economy"

Experts spoke about the problems of the national project Digital Economy MK in the regions
April 28, 2020
time 21:28
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Alexander LYULKO, Head of the Department of Industry, Innovation & nbsp; and Entrepreneurship of the Novosibirsk City Hall:

- All over the world, all digital technologies are being introduced using public-private or municipal-private partnership forms. Today there are investors who are ready to invest in the so-called "smart technology." Therefore, the national project should offer a clear mechanism that allows potential investors to return the invested funds so that they do not feel like philanthropists.

Igor KUZNETSOV, General Director of the Factor Group of Companies:

- The key, in my opinion, problem is the lack of understanding by the bureaucracy of the topic itself. People just don't know math. To understand the "digital economy" you need to know at least a little computer science. But now, those who are supposed to be directors of the tasks of the “digital economy” have a poor idea of ​​what it is. But the problem statement is 50% of the solution.

(About the problems of & nbsp; implementation of & nbsp; national & nbsp; project "Digital & nbsp; economics", & nbsp; providing a three-fold increase in the cost of creating a sustainable & nbsp; and secure information and telecommunications infrastructure & nbsp; high-speed & nbsp; transmission, processing & nbsp; and storage of large amounts of data, & nbsp; for all households)

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