From an abandoned military "plate" will make a museum in Novosibirsk

From an abandoned military plate will make a museum in Novosibirsk The Orbita station in the Bugrinsky Grove will be restored and made into a technical museum

Together with the Novosibirsk State Technical University, city authorities are developing a concept for a site that has been ownerless for a long time.

- It was a military facility, which was located on our territory. We took it to balance, and we have a concept - it’s really a technical museum, in accordance with the style of the object itself, ”NGS quotes the words of Novosibirsk Deputy Mayor Anna Tereshkova.

The municipality noted that at the moment the city does not have the means to transform the "plate", but in the future they plan to make a unique object out of Orbit. In the future, a new museum dedicated to television will be included in the tourist network of attractions in Novosibirsk.