GLACIAL weather in Siberia, temperatures drop over 16 ° C below the AVERAGE -

GLACIAL weather in Siberia, temperatures drop over 16 ° C below the AVERAGE -

Photo taken from an AirFrance flight, this is Irkutsk these days. City of Eastern Siberia, where in winter the temperature can drop well below -50 ° C. Source TWITTER / @ siberian_times

WEATHER CHRONICLES: it's cold, very cold in Russia, in particular temperatures have dropped to below 13-16 ° C on central Siberia, and the southern one, from the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan to Mongolia.

The southern part of Siberia had a sudden drop in temperature during the day: on November 09 in Novosibirsk the thermal values ​​dropped from + 1 ° C at midnight to -12 ° C at noon, and then continued to drop to -20 ° C.

In Siberia, thermal anomalies with temperatures of 20-30 degrees below average can occur during the cold season. In these parts the climate is extremely continental, with variations between summer and winter, in the extreme values, even of 80-90 degrees.

This mass of cold air seems destined to move west, also partially affecting our Peninsula, but we must not think that these thermal values ​​are reached: the air layer will warm up considerably on its journey to the west.

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