Halloween "pushes children toward Satan and suicide" to be banned in Russian schools

Halloween pushes children toward Satan and suicide to be banned in Russian schools

A Christian deputy from Russia, Vitaly Milonov, urges the Russian Minister of Education, Olga Vasilieva, to prohibit the celebration of this "pagan, Satan worship" in Russian schools and severely punish those who violate the ban.

BUCHAREST, October 29 - Sputnik, Doina Crainic. In his letter, Milonov says he has received numerous complaints from parents who are "alarmed" by plans to hold Halloween parties in schools where their children are teaching.

"Many children are determined to participate in these sinister holidays. They are obliged to purchase costumes, decorate classrooms with figures from around the world and prepare themed pieces, ”the deputy writes.

The deputy of the ruling United Russia party said that the Halloween party, which arrived in Russia in recent decades, after the fall of the Soviet Union, is not part of Russian culture and traditions.

"This holiday has pagan, anti-Christian roots. It is well known that it is based on worship of dark forces and Satan, as well as on the glorification of the dark Celtic cult of death, "Milonov said, quoted by RT.com. & Nbsp;

Celebrating Halloween in schools and other educational institutions is unacceptable because it can "push kids toward mysticism, Satanism and suicide," adds Milonov.

The deputy is asking the minister to "take all possible measures to prevent Halloween celebrations in schools" in Russia. In the case of those who violate the prohibition, the deputy demands "the application of the harshest disciplinary measures against those authorities that allow the inoculation of mystic Satanism in the minds of our children".

Milonov, who became known for his stance against LGBT, being a local legislator in St. Petersburg, has proposed a series of controversial initiatives since he was elected to the Russian Parliament two years ago.

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