Hands tear off in Novosibirsk are looking for owners of stolen batteries

Hands tear off in Novosibirsk are looking for owners of stolen batteries

Three boxes seized from petty thieves Ekaterina KOMYAKOVA Share: Add to Flipboard Magazine. KP.RU Daily Newsletter Comments: comments1 Batteries are in the police department. Photo: vk.com/typical zatulinka Change text size: AA

Novosibirsk reported about the batteries found in the Kirov region. Three boxes were taken from the captured thieves, now the owners of the looted goods are wanted. Photos of stolen batteries are posted in the Typical Zatulinka community on the VKontakte social network.

Today Kirovsky was in the police department 8, at night the officers caught the battery men with batteries in their hands, now we need to find the owners, a resident of Zatulinka writes. Make a repost, maybe someone will see and recognize their own.

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