Heads of Bird Beak Found in 5,000-Year Skeleton

Heads of Bird Beak Found in 5,000-Year Skeleton

"Between 30 and 50 bird skulls and long beaks are laid under the human skull under the human skull, long beaks are laid under the neck of a human skull," says Novosibirsk Institute for Archeology and Ethnography.

Archaeologists do not know exactly how the skulls and beaks are tied together or to a piece of fabric; because a hole in the bones could not be detected.

And the "bird" had a accompanist. Archaeologists have recently discovered a two-tiered tomb. The upper layer was home to the skeleton of two children, who were about 5-10 years old when he died. On the lower layer and under a wooden compartment, there was the skeleton of an adult man.

Some works were buried with the man. One object the researchers found near the skull was a type of mask with round eyelets and made of two bronze hemispheres.

Polished stones near the skeleton were thought to be ritualistic. It is presumed that this person and the "bird" held rituals for the Bronze Age group.

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