In Novosibirsk a district for Italian footwear

In Novosibirsk a district for Italian footwear

The Marche-based company Macsenior is working on creating a cluster to produce directly in Russia, according to the rules and style of Made in Italy. On an area of ​​forty thousand square meters, three thousand employees are expected for ten thousand pairs of shoes a day

Made in Italy of high range and more affordable prices. This could be the summary of the footwear district project that is being prepared in the Novosibirsk region. But there is much more: the creation of a real cluster of Italian footwear in Russia, an initiative led by the Marche-based company Macsenior, a manufacturer of machinery for the production of footwear. & Nbsp;

"We presented the project for the first time in October 2015 on the occasion of a mission organized by the Italian JC1 Consortium in which we participated - says Gianni Scoponi, consultant for the internationalization of Macsenior -. Thanks to the close collaboration with AIR, Novosibirsk Region Development Agency, the activities went on quickly and in February 2016 we signed a contract regulating the project. We are direct partners for both bureaucratic and executive aspects ".

The international situation and the difficulties of the world footwear and leather products market have pushed Macsenior to look far away and to imagine new production dynamics.

“The objectives of the project are manifold - Scoponi says - first of all a diversification of the range of footwear offered on the Russian market, especially in the medium-high segment. By producing on site, the cost of the final product is reduced by minimizing the costs for raw materials, logistics and customs duties. To all this must be added the reduction in the share of imported components as we will organize the entire production chain in the cluster territory, thus creating jobs too ". The estimates announce 3 thousand employees for a daily production of 10 thousand pairs of shoes (woman, man and child), as well as 3 thousand pieces including bags, wallets, belts and similar products.

The cluster, which with its production plant and administrative offices will occupy an area of ​​about 40 thousand square meters, also includes the presence of a training center. "Among the aims of the project is the training of young specialists who will then be able to work in the fashion sector and the production of fashion products," adds the manager.

It will take between 3 and 5 years to have the plant at full capacity, in the meantime “it is necessary to outline the commitments and preparatory activities with the companies at the beginning of the works of the new production site, starting from the incubator and then moving on to the installation of production facilities ".

From Russia, where they will be produced and distributed as a priority, it is not excluded that the products of the Novosibirsk district can then travel to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Iran and attract foreign investments and technologies.