Influencers are keen on this Siberian lake - but it is highly toxic

Influencers are keen on this Siberian lake - but it is highly toxic

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The Novosibirsk Maldives is the name of the lake that lies in the south-west of Russia. The calm, turquoise water is a magnet for numerous instammers. Some even paddle across the surface with inflatable boards or flamingos. But that's not a good idea.

Because the lake is not a natural phenomenon, but a highly toxic, artificial pond in which ashes from the nearby coal-fired power plant are deposited. The power plant company has now reacted and pointed out that swimming in the lake is dangerous.

The lake is filled with toxic chemicals that can trigger allergic skin reactions. The water gets its color from the depth of the lake and the various metal oxides that are dissolved in it.

The company also wrote on the net that the bottom of the lake is muddy and getting out "almost impossible". In capital letters, it goes on to say: “We therefore ask you very much that you do not fall into the ash pile when looking for a selfie. That is a big risk! »

Despite the company's clear warning, numerous people still flock to the lake to pose near the shore or even on the water for the perfect Instagram picture. (Height)

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The article deeply confuses me. There are reports of a few unimportant selfie photographers who could get a rash, but it's really a mess! It is terrifying to see how naturally those responsible for the factories talk about this pollution. Unfortunately, this is far from the only case. There is much worse there, but nobody cares.

Make-up, filters, poses ... With the right tricks, the Instagram picture looks almost perfect. Far from reality, but almost perfect. And that is what matters to get as many hearts as possible, isn’t it?

Small note: With the unretouched bodies, of course, everything is fine. That is precisely why they do not need to retouch them beyond recognition.