It will interfere with snow removal: in Novosibirsk authorities demand to demolish the porch at the store

It will interfere with snow removal: in Novosibirsk authorities demand to demolish the porch at the store Residents of the house in whose adjoining territory it was built are also unhappy with the new trading pavilion
Homeowners are unhappy with the shopping pavilion built on their premises. Photo: Tatyana Osipova

In the Gateway Microdistrict in Novosibirsk, next to the house at 5 Russkaya Street, an individual entrepreneur Konovalenko installed a trading pavilion. The object was built on the territory of the house with the consent of the owners.

However, not all homeowners agreed with this decision. Several people living in this house complained to the district administration, the prosecutor's office, and the media. They suggest that the people who gave their consent simply did not understand what they were getting into. They probably counted on a small kiosk, and a room appeared that blocked the windows of the first floor in two apartments. And some dissatisfied residents generally think that the signatures were falsified. Siberians plan to appeal to law enforcement agencies and the court. And the pavilion, meanwhile, is already at the finishing stage.

- Under existing legislation, homeowners can dispose of their own territory at their discretion, including the construction of certain commercial facilities on it. But specifically in this case, when it is erected, there are many violations. For example, it is located at a distance of less than 5 meters from the house, although fire standards require at least 15 meters, it does not have parking spaces and a platform for unloading goods, according to the Navigator newspaper. - Inside the unauthorized building there are wells with communications. The structure closes the view in the "triangle of visibility" when leaving the yard. But, nevertheless, neither the Ministry of Emergency Situations, nor the prosecutor's office, nor the district administration can in any way influence the situation: the pavilion is located on the territory of the owners of the house.

The district administration has established that the porch of the pavilion is equipped on the sidewalk belonging to the municipality. In winter, it will interfere with mechanized snow removal. The issue of border violations was considered at the city hall last week. Then it was decided to dismantle the porch. The entrepreneur will be notified in the prescribed manner that he must remove the structure voluntarily. Otherwise, the municipality will do it by force within the time prescribed by law.

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