Listen to TV 17 October: from Eurogames and Le Iene

Listen to TV 17 October: from Eurogames and Le Iene

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Last week & nbsp; ratings had seen & nbsp; Eurogames on Channel 5 at 10.8% share, Rai 1's fiction at & nbsp; 20.1% with 4,361,000 viewers, & nbsp; Le Iene Show at 10.8%, Straight and backward at 6.3%, Piazzapulita at 5.4% and the Rai Due show at 4.1%. How did these and the other main programs of yesterday evening show Thursday, October 17?

Rai 1 - One step from heaven: Ghosts of the past, this is the title of the & nbsp; sixth episode of the fiction with & nbsp; Daniele Liotti & nbsp; and & nbsp; Rocío Muñoz Morales. It has conquered 4,281,000 spectators equal to 19.5% share.

Rai 2 - Damn my friends: & nbsp; the show by Alessandro Haber, Rocco Papaleo, Sergio Rubini and Giovanni Veronesi returns, accompanied in their gags and in musical and acting moments, by many guests. Last night Margherita Buy and Max Tortora were on the stage with them again, as well as Valeria Solarino and Giuliano Sangiorgi. The program totaled 876,000 spectators equal to 4.4% share.

Channel 5 - & nbsp; Eurogames: & nbsp; the new Games without frontiers saw each other challenge last night & nbsp; Parma (Italy); & nbsp; Berlin (Germany); & nbsp; Crete (Greece); & nbsp; Janów Lubelski (Poland); & nbsp; Novosibirsk (Russia); & nbsp; Jaca (Spain). The program, with Alvin and Ilary Blasi conducting, was watched by 1,944,000 spectators equal to 9.8% share.

Italy 1 - & nbsp; Le Iene Show: female run, entrusted for this episode to & nbsp; Nina Palmieri, & nbsp; Veronica Ruggeri & nbsp; and & nbsp; Roberta Rei. Among the stories of the evening, the one told by Gaetano Pecoraro & nbsp; and which speaks of Italian medical excellence. The Rizzoli & nbsp; hospital in & nbsp; Bologna has achieved an absolute world record. It is the first facility to have performed a human vertebrae transplant & nbsp; The tuned viewers were & nbsp; 1,981,000, equal to 12% share.

The 7 - & nbsp; Atlantide: Piazzapulita: & nbsp; among the guests of Corrado Formigli the Director of the Italian Public Accounts Observatory Carlo Cottarelli, Laura Boldrini and the journalists Giovanni Floris, David Puente. & Nbsp; The program was followed by 981,000 spectators with one share of 5.5%.