Little kinkajou artificially fed in the Novosibirsk Zoo

Little kinkajou artificially fed in the Novosibirsk Zoo  meta name article published time content 2019 10 11T04 35 10 0700
 meta property og title content Little kinkaju artificially fed in the Novosibirsk Zoo

 meta property og description content Zoo employees said that this is the first case of artificial feeding of kinkaju in the entire history of the institution

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 meta property twitter title content Little kinkajou artificially fed in the Novosibirsk Zoo
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The baby kinkaju was born very tiny and placed on the female palm, and the playpen-bed for him was made of a fur hat. Novosibirsk Zoo Novosibirsk, October 11 - AIF-Novosibirsk.

According to the press service of the Novosibirsk Zoo, the staff now artificially feed the young kinkaju, this small predatory mammal from the raccoon family. The fact is that the baby’s mother was unable to feed him, so now livestock and veterinarians take care of him. Related news Rusty cats appeared in the Novosibirsk Zoo Kinkaju have been living in the Novosibirsk Zoo since 2007, and the first baby of this species appeared here in 2013. According to the employees of the zoo, this is the first case of artificial feeding of kinkaju in the entire history of the institution.

Females fed offspring themselves, but this time, unfortunately, this did not work out. The baby was born on August 26. The young female did not have milk, so we feed him artificially. We give him through the nipple a mixture designed for puppies. Of course, this is not mom's milk, but the composition is suitable for babies of this kind. The little kinkaju grows, gains weight, develops, said the head of the department of tropical animals Julia Konovalova.

Since the baby is growing rapidly, his first small bottle with a pacifier has already been changed to another bigger one. The diet of a small kinkaju is similar to the diet of a newborn baby, you need to feed him around the clock, at regular intervals. Zoo employees continue to feed the baby in this mode, only now they have increased the interval between night feedings. The baby kinkaju was born very tiny and placed on the female palm, and the playpen-bed for him was made of a fur hat. Now he’s grown up, he can’t fit into his hat, but usually sleeps next to her or his favorite soft toy.

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