Maldives of Siberia: the beauty of poisons -

Maldives of Siberia: the beauty of poisons -

A mirror of water perfect for selfies has earned the name of Maldives of Siberia for the turquoise shades: a color that owes it to the waste of a nearby power plant.

Rumors - and fashions - travel quickly, on Instagram: so a lake that seems made especially for photo shoots has recently been stormed by influencers all over the world. Just browse the hashtags of the social network to see the clear blue waters of the body of water near Novosibirsk, a sprawling Siberia industrial center, as a backdrop for yoga poses, floating in the shape of a unicorn, photos of honeymooners .

CHEMICAL BLUE. A photogenic place like many, if it were not that these reflections have very little of natural: for the turquoise nuances we must thank a nearby industrial plant, the Heating and Electrical Station Number 5. The color that earned the lake the surname of the Maldives of Siberia it is not the reflection of the skies of the tundra, but the product of calcium salts and metal oxides that the power plant constantly discharges into the body of water.

NOT BATHING. The unexpected popularity forced the operator who manages the plant, the Siberian Generating Company, to issue a note in which he calls for caution. The waters, the company explains, "are not poisonous" and "have normal radioactivity levels", measured on two different occasions.

However, the pH of the water altered by coal ash could cause allergic reactions to any unwary swimmers. "We warmly invite you not to fall into the pile of ashes while taking a selfie!" Reads (it seems) in the document (circulated only in Russian), which adds that the slime created on the lake bottom from the discarded ashes is so sticky that if you set foot there, getting rid of is practically impossible. The warnings did not prevent the irreducible instagrammers from walking on the table on the surface of the lake, or from ... tasting the waters, with the taste - it seems - chalky.

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