Maru, the dog who walked over 200 km to return to the owner who had abandoned him

Maru, the dog who walked over 200 km to return to the owner who had abandoned him

The news comes directly from Russia. Apparently a one-year-old female Bullmastiff dog named Maru has traveled more than 200 km to try to return home to the owner who abandoned him.

According to local media reports, he was on a Trans-Siberian train bound for Novosibirsk when, arriving at the stop in & nbsp; Achinsk, with his paws he opened the door of the carriage and ran away.

About two days later he was found almost limping, in the industrial area in front of the house where he spent his year of life. Witnesses say they saw the dog almost with tears in his eyes when he saw a place he was familiar with.

In detail, as reported by & nbsp; The Siberian Times, Maru had been sold to a couple at the age of 5 months. After about 6 months, the breeder had been contacted by the owners, who asked her if they could return the puppy to her, as one of the two had developed an allergy to the animal's fur.

Now Maru is being treated in Novosibirsk and is trying to heal from the injuries sustained during her long journey home. It is still not clear what will happen once he leaves the veterinary surgery. Surely you are looking for a family that can host you and take care of you as it should be.

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