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Svetlana Pestova (the breeder, whom the neighbors complain about) assures that she has an excellent relationship with everyone

Residents of the house on 3/2 Khilokskaya Street in Novosibirsk have been suffering from a neighbor from the first floor for more than seven years - more than 30 dogs, a monkey, a crow and cats live in her apartment, which is why there is an unbearable smell and noise in the entrance and on the street. But the breeder herself does not think that she is inconveniencing anyone, and she is not going to evict animals from the apartment. An NHS correspondent visited a troubled house, talked with both sides of the conflict and found out how, by law, you can influence a neighbor with such a huge number of animals.

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The house on Khilokskaya looks no different from ordinary six-story buildings. There are huge duplex apartments, an excellent facade, renovated entrances, but many residents still want to get rid of their apartments - now there are at least ten offers on the N1 website. And all, according to the locals, because of one resident.

You can’t enter the middle entrance without a scarf or special moral preparation. The stench knocks down, and the sound of the opening of the access door causes a deafening bark. A professional breeder lives on the ground floor in a five-room apartment. The woman breeds Spitz, toy terriers, Chinese crested dogs and Bengal cats, and also keeps a monkey in a cage.

From the side the house looks very neat - it has a renovated facade, landscaped area

Svetlana Pestova, whom the neighbors complain about, organized a real nursery in her apartment. She now has about thirty dogs.

- We have 40 acres of a garden, over there - a private house, and there my dogs live. I’ll come home now, I’ll clean rags and collect shit. I buy meat at 200 kilograms, I have a freezer, the dogs are fed. Just went - bought everything, hercules, spaghetti ... Now 150 kilograms of rice will be brought to me. So my fat, fat, good dogs, - Svetlana Pestova talks about her kennel.

Svetlana breeds fashionable expensive dogs, but the kennel does not pay for itself
How many dogs live exactly in the apartment, the woman cannot say.

- & nbsp; As I count, someone will die with me. This is a bad omen. No kennel counts animals. Live and live. There are definitely twenty. & Nbsp; Such a fool - and here I am. I'm sorry for everyone. And what about the old ones? I have been working with dogs for 30 years, where will I go to those who are 10-15 years old? You can’t get anywhere, they live to the end of their lives. I can’t sell an apartment here. It is two-tier, for it they give only three million. What will I buy with this money? Especially if you divide it into three people - my ex-husband, son, me. I won’t buy anything.

In parallel, Svetlana has to work in a ritual business to feed herself, her family and pets
Svetlana Pestova claims that she has good relations with her neighbors.

- I sell dogs quickly, because I sell them for 10-15 thousand. I do not sit with them. Puppies grew up, I vaccinated and immediately sold. They approached the door or knocked - naturally, they react. No one is indignant, in any case. First of all, neighbors need to love and be friends with everyone. And everything will be fine. I do not break tribal work. But I haven’t been exhibiting for two years - I just have no time. I have 25 champions of Russia, five champions of the national club.

Bankruptcy for the physical. persons! We will write off the debt!
Pestova lives not only dogs and cats, but also a monkey
A few years ago, Svetlana Pestova took a couple of monkeys. Now her cub lives in her cage.

- There were six litters, I gave someone, and then the girls started selling. Rhesus macaque is the most evil monkey in the world. At first, we did not know what kind of breed it was. But he kisses me, he loves me, he drinks from a glass, ”says the breeder.

But Svetlana did not want to show the monkey and her other wards. She explained that the apartment was not cleaned.
The breeder fenced a piece of land next to her loggias. She used to walk cats and monkeys here.

Neighbors have been trying to cope with a breeder for seven years. A few years ago, they even turned to the prosecutor's office, but in the end did not achieve anything. & Nbsp;

- The stink is constantly standing. Not so much barking as a terrible smell on the whole porch. It is impossible to open windows at home, because she lives on the ground floor and all the smell goes up. The monkey constantly rattles an iron cage. However, the person does not recognize that she has a stink. Says: "Everything is clean, washed up." Everything is fine with her. Signatures were collected from all neighbors - they were taken to the prosecutor's office, which prevents us from smell and barking. The prosecutor’s office sent the district police officer, ”says Elena, a breeder’s neighbor.

Occasionally, residents of the house call the police, but they are powerless in front of the breeder.

Elena says she cannot even open the windows in her apartment & nbsp; - the room is immediately filled with an unpleasant odor

The press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Novosibirsk Region confirmed to the NHS correspondent that the residents of the house complained to a neighbor - the last time in March.

- On March 1 & nbsp; to the police department No. & nbsp; 7 from operator “02” a message was received from the residents of house No. & nbsp; 3/2 on Khilokskaya Street that a woman contains about 30 dogs, several cats and a monkey in the apartment. An audit was carried out on this fact, the facts stated in the appeal were not confirmed, the official response to the police says.

The department added that the law now does not regulate the number of animals that can be kept in an apartment, but animals should not interfere with other people and violate their rights.

Neighbors claim that the woman completely stopped walking the dogs
Zoodefenders often encounter situations where some Novosibirsk citizens keep a lot of animals in their apartments.

- When some kind of compassionate grandmother collects animals from the streets and somehow tries to resolve this situation, for example, to sterilize, this is one thing. Another thing is when breeders purposefully breed animals. Naturally, we have a negative attitude towards this. It is not necessary to breed dogs in apartments, ”says Elena Starkova, chairman of the Protect Animals NGO.

Shelters, she said, are more often confronted with compassionate people who take animals from the streets than with breeders whose animals are out of control.

Neighbors cannot go to their balconies. The NGS photographer had to hold his breath to take this shot - this is how the front garden fenced by the breeder looks from a height & nbsp;

Lawyer and private investigator Evgeny Nikolaev advises neighbors to contact three authorities at once:

- It is necessary to write a statement to Rospotrebnadzor, because a neighbor violates sanitary standards, you should also file a complaint with the district administration and be sure to write a statement to the police. Such keeping of animals can be considered as a cruel treatment, - says Evgeny Nikolaev.

Recently, NHS talked about Ekaterina Shcherbakova, a popular model and designer of leather accessories, who opened a shelter for homeless animals. She told why she refused the career of a model, how difficult it is for her to maintain a shelter, and whether a bright appearance helps in this difficult matter.

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Bankruptcy for the physical. persons! We will write off the debt!
Bankruptcy, Moscow. We will write off all the debts!