Novosibirsk argue with public utilities over work to replace wiring

Novosibirsk argue with public utilities over work to replace wiring

The long-awaited major overhaul of the house turned out to be an unpleasant surprise for residents of a high-rise building. Part of the work of replacing the wiring must be paid for from your pocket. Is it within the law?

Household appliances from Nadezhda Kulakova fail regularly. Neighbors also suffer from power surges.

Residents of the house are sure: this is because of the wiring. The house is almost 80 years old. Rejoiced when the hut began to be repaired.

Now this house is undergoing major repairs. Replaced the roof, update the facade. In the list of works ─ replacement of wiring. New wires run through the corridors and end at the door to the room.

Repair at the expense of the Modernization Fund under the law ─ only in public places. Everything outside the door is the responsibility of the owner. Square meters in this house belong to the municipality. Nadezhda Kulakova and her neighbors live here under social employment contracts. With requests for help, the woman assures, she went, as the rules prescribe, to the commandant and to the management company. Shields, occasions, she was offered to buy herself.

The mayor of Vesti answered: verbal requests for help are enough. An electrician must come and replace if necessary without payment. At the same time they assure that Nadezhda Kulakova did not contact them.

And will there be any sense if you do not change the wiring in the room? Doubts even the representative of the contractor.

Nadezhda Kulakova throws up her hands. How to prove that they applied, asked to pay? The city hall advises in such cases to correspond. With a refusal on paper, you can safely make a complaint to the regulatory authorities or court.