Novosibirsk is losing millions in trade. How the Chilok market evades responsibility

Novosibirsk is losing millions in trade. How the Chilok market evades responsibility

We give a transcript of the conversation between lawyer Olga Zabalueva and journalists from Alexei Mazur and Yevgeny Mezdrikov, as well as a comment by the head of the Siberian Federal Center for Wellness Nutrition, Yakov Novosyolov, who visited the left-bank markets and tried to buy products there. & Nbsp; The program was recorded after the publication of the material “Racket and organized crime. What is behind the shooting on the left bank of Novosibirsk. "

Novoselov: As part of the examination work, both the Khilok market and the adjacent territories revealed numerous inconsistencies with the requirements of the law. Firstly, virtually everywhere there were no cash receipts or other cash documents. This means, in principle, that taxes are not paid, there is a turnover of "black" cash. Where it then goes, for what purpose, is very difficult to say.

Secondly, most of the trading organizations do not even have names. Although they should be, and the consumer has the right to know the name of the organization from which he buys any product. In addition, most often there are no declarations of conformity. At least they are refused to provide. This is also a serious violation. And in some cases, when they provided us with declarations, they turned out to be fake. And this is a criminal offense - forgery of documents.

Mazur: I highly recommend reading this material in, there are a lot of very interesting things there. For example, it turns out that we still have, let’s say, tribute collectors on the roads who take money from every passing truck. These trucks know where to get up, give money. But why this does not lead to the actions of the police or other law enforcement agencies. Everyone also knows that traders on left-bank markets also pay for security. And this skirmish with the shooting was also connected with the one to pay - this or that. Those are cheaper, but these are more reliable.

To you, Olga, the question is, how is this trade happening, how legal is it?

Zabalueva: I can draw conclusions from the information that is in the media. And, in particular, Yakov Borisovich Novosyolov said that there is no cash registers, legal entities or individual entrepreneurs are not registered. And, accordingly, it is not clear how the money is collected, accounted for and for what purposes then are spent. It seems to me that these two topics - expert commentary and market disassembly - are connected. Because when there is no legal field, when people are not registered as individual entrepreneurs or legal entities, when there is a "black" cash, there are always various disputes, murders and so on.

Mazur: I would like to clarify after all the scheme by which trade takes place. Do I understand correctly that the wagons enter through a customs point, drive to Novosibirsk and enter these markets - one of which is Khiloksky, but, as I understand it, he is not alone there? And there they begin to trade directly from the trucks? I have not been to the Khilok market myself, is this happening?

Zabalueva: Practically, yes. As far as I understand, they rent, in particular, a place for trade at the Khiloksky market, pay rent. And, as deputy [Aleksey] Aleksandrov explained, there were numerous checks, but it was precisely at the Khiloksky Shopping Center CJSC that no violations were revealed. I would like to draw attention not to this CJSC as a legal entity, namely to those merchants who actually trade, it is necessary to check them. Because they just do not have registered IP, that is, they do not pay taxes in the Russian Federation, there are no documents on the product.

It is clear that CJSC TC Khiloksky is simply selling a rental place. And these violations are just those people who directly trade. Plus, next to the Khilok market there is a so-called “melon” market, where they trade with truck watermelons and melons. And, in particular, one of the social activists of Novosibirsk was given the answer that this territory was not leased and was not intended for trading at all. And now, as the mayor’s office explains, a check will be carried out there. But how effective this verification is, we will see.

Mezdrikov: And how is product certification regulated - what comes and sells. Someone is studying, checking?

Zabalueva: Look, now there is such a situation that a declaration of conformity must be issued for each product. How is it issued? You conduct a laboratory examination of the goods, bring the test report that your product complies with the technical regulations, and you are issued a declaration based on this test report that your product complies with the standards.

Then it is difficult to verify. Because we have a law on the protection of the rights of legal entities - it is impossible to conduct inspections more often than every three years, Rospotrebnadzor can conduct such inspections only on the basis of a well-grounded consumer complaint. Accordingly, what you sell afterwards and what you bring to the laboratory may be different. In particular, in the Khilok market, we had this situation: we purchased goods, they issued a declaration of conformity to us in one place, it turned out to be fake, issued to another legal entity and generally to another product.

Mezdrikov: Pay attention to how many summer outlets appear on the street, in the middle of the road where you can buy vegetables and fruits. A lot of questions to them. And deputies of the City Council, for example, were indignant, but to no avail. I think most of the fruits and vegetables are from Khiloksky there.

Zabalueva: Well, yes, here we must fight the root cause, not the consequences. In Novosibirsk, with non-stationary objects, everything is generally bad. Because the mayor’s office doesn’t really take them into account, doesn’t want to demolish them, and, if they want, they are certain. And numerous complaints do not help. Here, of course, a flaw, first of all, of the Novosibirsk City Hall. Most of these facilities are located on municipal land. These must be dealt with by the city hall. She's not doing it. And who else will be? And so we walk in such a vicious circle.

But if we initially supply quality products even to these tents from the same Khilok market, it seems to me that there will be no problems for the consumer.

Mazur: There is a rather large volume of sales in food markets. I would like to understand, and where does the moment of paying taxes for this trade take place?

Zabalueva: Actually, this is the most pressing issue, which, it seems to me, interests everyone. And, above all, should be interested in the Federal Tax Service in the Novosibirsk region. Because, as I said, most of these merchants are not registered as taxpayers in the Russian Federation. Accordingly, they do not pay taxes, but at the same time collect money from the population and wholesale buyers for the goods brought. Where this money goes and how they take it back to their countries is also not clear. This should be done by the Federal Tax Service, the prosecutor's office, Rosfinmonitoring and other regulatory bodies.

Cash registers, as I said, are basically absent there. That is, the check will not be issued to you. And why? Because they will tell you that they are not registered as an individual entrepreneur and LLC. And how can they be fined? And this, again, is such a vicious circle on which we walk. Accordingly, you must first be held accountable for the lack of registration and tax evasion, and then all other requirements that apply to the same Russian organizations must be made.

For example, three policemen come to a grandmother who trades on Lenin Square and asks how she pays taxes. I personally saw such a case. And the thousands of migrants who have not understood how they entered, it is not clear whether they have a work permit, it is not clear why they are standing there and to whom they pay money ... At the same time, the budget of Novosibirsk is losing millions of rubles.

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