Novosibirsk students-combatants took the oath in a festive atmosphere

Novosibirsk students-combatants took the oath in a festive atmosphere

In the Novosibirsk national squad replenishment. In a festive atmosphere, about a hundred college students took the oath. Alexey Shkuratov found out why the guys are going to help the police, and why they need extra workload

Zhenya and Dima ─ students. A girl studies at the Siberian Geophysical College, a young man ─ at a river school. They, like hundreds of other guys and girls, joined the ranks of the national squad of Novosibirsk. Today, people are walking around the city with a police patrol. Law enforcement officers acquaint children with the features of service.

The wife is interested in knowing everything, for example, how they communicate with aggressive people, or with inappropriate ones.

Recruits will patrol the streets with the police. To monitor public order in the fixed territory and on city holidays, to identify violators. Young people will combine duty with study. Militiamen are always glad to such assistants.

Vadim Eremenko, the head of the public order protection department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Novosibirsk Region, is sure that the more young people will be involved in this activity, the less will be committed on the streets of crimes and offenses.

The Popular Militia Movement is gaining popularity. There are 19 units in Novosibirsk and 24 created at colleges.

─ This is an indicator that young people are interested. Why are we doing this? Firstly, so that young people understand the internal responsibility to the city, and secondly, that it really becomes calmer in the city. And it’s great when a responsible citizenship appears among our students and pupils, ─ noted the chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs of the Novosibirsk City Hall Irina Solovyova.

It is worth noting that the salaries of combatants are not allowed by law. But there are still bonuses ─ premiums, a free gym membership. Students are even exempted from classes when there is a big holiday in the city, and law enforcement officers need the help of voluntary assistants.

Before embarking on duty, the national combatant must put on a red bandage on his hand, have a certificate with him. If you forget at home, you won’t be allowed to work.

About eight hundred volunteers help law enforcement officers monitor public order. Today the regiment arrived.