PHOTO / VIDEO. Bertici Attila and Norbert satires arrived in Siberia! What an adventure they lived

PHOTO / VIDEO. Bertici Attila and Norbert satires arrived in Siberia! What an adventure they lived

Bertici Attila and Bertici Norbert, father and son, who set out for Siberia, managed to reach Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia. In Siberia, very negative temperatures are announced, which will test the will of the two daredevils. The route traveled so far: 6,700 km! 5,800 km remained until Vladivostok.

The Bertici team made the announcement, saying that they were good and they met extremely hospitable people. "Dear! I arrived in Novosibirsk the capital of Siberia. We're fine, it's 9:00 in the morning. From Estonia I was still hearing a small whisper when I pressed the clutch, an insignificant sound, the gearbox changes perfectly, the car goes ok. From a friend from Cluj we already had contact from a Novosibirsk service and if we are still here we chose to go there for a finding.

In the evening I had discussed on the phone that at 7 am we would be at him. Sergej at 6:50 was already waiting for us with hot coffees, checked the car and gave us the verdict: pressure bearing. Hmmmm .... When we started I put a new clutch set, it means that the bearing was defective.

For our safety and not to stay on the road in the Siberian winter, Sergei suggested we change the bearing. Our luck that in Russia there are millions of Logan with Lada logo. I found pressure bearing at the store with 300 rubles (about 22 lei !!) ”, posted Bertici Attila and Norbert on Facebook.

Siberia was not chosen at random, being considered the most savage and difficult route, and besides this, no villager arrived in the easternmost point of Asia, in Vladivostok, Attila wishing that he and his son would be the first.

The road is estimated to last about 45 days, but the two do not figure that they will need even more time to get home. Returning in 45 days would mean coming home in early December, but if they have to extend their adventure, hope to be home on Christmas. The total costs for the shipment amount to about 8,000 euros.

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