Puppy travels 200 km in search of owners who rejected her

Puppy travels 200 km in search of owners who rejected her

In the end, an agreement was reached between the parties. The dog would be sent to Novosibirsk by train and a guardian would monitor the animal's route.

Maru was found by volunteers after two and a half days, in an industrial area of ​​Krasnoyarsk, the city where the couple who abandoned her, crying and with broken paws and snouts, live after traveling more than 200 kilometers.

The hypothesis is that she used her sense of direction to reach the former owners, since the English mastiff breed is characterized by being 'guardian of the family' - that is, it likes to 'take care' of its tutors.

“She did not go to Novosibirsk, but to where she lived. It is surprising that he followed the right path, because geographically he had no landmarks. In the city where I lived I used to walk only in the backyard ”, revealed Alla, who with the help of a friend, Alyona Makhova, recovered Maru, who was later reunited with her parents.

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