Registration for the All-Russian Olympiad "I-Professional" started in Novosibirsk

Registration for the All-Russian Olympiad I-Professional started in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk State University became the organizer of the All-Russian Olympiad "I am a Professional." This is a project of the presidential platform "Russia is a country of opportunities." Students and young scientists from all over the country will test knowledge in a new direction - bioengineering and bioinformatics

The everyday life of Oleg Prokhorov, a sophomore of the NSU medical faculty, takes place not only in the student audience. At the Institute of Cytology and Genetics, a young scientist makes experiments. Manipulations with laboratory tools to prepare for the scientific bio-engineering Olympiad.

─ When you prepare, you not only study the university program, but read foreign literature, use the Internet, and third-party sources, which increases the amount of knowledge, ─ Oleg says.

Three months later, the NSU will bring together the best young physicians and biologists in Russia. Now there is a registration. More than 1.5 thousand participants have to solve & nbsp; difficult online tasks, which were made up of employees of academic institutes of the Academgorodok. The emphasis was on theoretical tasks. Winners of the qualifying round are waiting for the Winter School at NSU: a week, outstanding scientists will give lectures to students, they will be invited to participate in various design works.

After the Winter School, the final competitions will be held. In scientific circles, the Olympics "I ─ Professional" is considered prestigious. Victory in it increases the chances of entering a magistracy and graduate school. And ─ make a good career. The successes of the winners are monitored by the leaders of large companies.

Competition promises to be serious, but the motivation of the participants will be no less strong. Since, in addition to career prospects, winners will receive substantial cash rewards. The results of the Olympics will be announced at the end of January.