Residents of Novosibirsk "opened the hunt for the wicked"

Residents of Novosibirsk opened the hunt for the wicked

In the fight against natural dumps, residents of Dukach Street “caught” two KAMAZ trucks who illegally take out and dump garbage near their houses, but the drivers were able to escape from angry people

A video about how Novosibirsk fights against illegal garbage collection appeared on the public page "RRR modern ecology" on the social network "VKontakte". On it, residents of houses on Dukach Street in the Leninsky District at night noticed KAMAZ, which came to dump waste.

Two active residents, a man and a woman, are trying to get clarification from the driver. He, in turn, claims that he came to this place for an overnight stay.

“I saw how you lifted the body, and you have garbage in the body!” Says the woman in the video.

Residents of the street, according to RRR Modern Ecology, wrote complaints, organized subbotniks and pickets, but they still continue to dump garbage near their homes. After that, "the hunt for the wicked was open," the public administrators write.

“On October 21, activists on patrol spotted two KAMAZ trucks with garbage. Operational actions allowed to block one car, the second was already unloaded and left. The driver of the remaining one managed to escape, leaving the vehicle, ”the post says.

The residents sent the photos and video materials received during the “hunt” to the police and are now waiting for the actions of law enforcement officers.