Russia continues "Stealth" unmanned aerial vehicle tests

Russia continues Stealth unmanned aerial vehicle tests

The similarity with the outline of Sukhoi Okhotnik-B, whose codename Hunter (Hunter), whose photo was taken on January 23, was shared on the Russian aviation forum, and another Sukhoi design, is remarkable.

Sukhoi Okhotnik-B, which is displayed on a snowy track and stands out with its current image and the American counterpart RQ-170, is considered to have enough space for electronic systems and duty loads.

According to reports in the Russian press, the tests of Okhotnik-B continue at the Novosibirsk Aircraft Manufacturing Organization (NAPO) facilities, where Su-34 airplanes are also produced, although no official statement has been made.

It is expected that the Okhotnik-B project, the development of which started in 2012, and the conditions for the publicity ceremony has matured in June, will be introduced to the public with its first flight, which is expected to be realized in a short time.

We are trying to make more Phoenix and wild bird jet models. Only until now we have been able to make Şimşek unmanned jet targeting missiles. So we couldn't do anything with a big jet engine.

To be able to make this type of tender, first of all it is necessary to build and fly a standard jet aircraft.Stealth is a very different discipline area. They have surpassed them in some areas, as agreed in the last US report that captured other countries.