Sculpture in honor of laboratory mice!

Sculpture in honor of laboratory mice!

The animal species that have contributed the most to the development of modern science may be mice and rats subjected to so painful and deadly experiments in laboratories. For this reason, a 1.8 meter sculpture in the Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Novosibirsk, Russia aims to honor the animals used in the development of science. Because without them, we would not have had a significant portion of the discoveries and inventions we made in modern science today.

"The sculpture I made blends a laboratory mouse with a scientist because they are both interrelated and both serve a single purpose. The mice are the most important part of the moment when a scientific discovery is made. But without the scientist's approach, the entire symphony of a scientific discovery, arbitrary, that 'Evreka!' the moment can never be realized. "

The institute aims to produce even more sculptures in honor of laboratory animals and put them in various parts of the building. They are also considering adding a plaque to the artworks they will add, showing the number of all animals that have contributed to the scientific progress of humanity.

Noting that Turkey is likely to choose to live in three separate 3-year AKP Manisa deputy Assoc. Dr. Selçuk Özdağ claimed that local elections are likely to be held in October 2018.

Done in 2018 after the planned local elections President in 2019, and in 2020 for the realization of the general elections Özdağ that has continued to work as the AKP, "We are working on a new change. After consultation with political party leaders to be ratified in the proposal the Assembly. Turkey's It urgently needs a new Constitutional amendment, and this is anticipated when the local elections will knock on our door in October 2018. Local elections would normally be in 2019. The deputy election will be in 2019, while President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had said before that 'the term of parliament should have been 5 years'. "Those who were deputies this term will be deputies for 5 years," he said.

Claiming that AK Party will be victorious from 17 district municipalities, especially Metropolitan Municipality in Manisa, in the local elections to be held in 2018, Özdağ said that they aim to leave at least 7 deputies from Manisa in general elections.

Özdağ said, "In Manisa, the Felicity Party and the Great Unity Party have serious votes. We are not only interested in their votes but also the votes of CHP and MHP members. I think because we saw the real face of HDP, our Muslim brothers of Kurdish origin.We believe that we will win the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality elections by receiving 500 thousand votes in local elections to be held in 2018. As a result of our efforts to win 17 metropolitan municipalities and again in 2020. In the general elections that are likely to be held, we aim to raise 7 deputies. While achieving all of these, we want to make Manisa the peak city of the Aegean Region. Together, we hope we will enlarge the ring and we will be stronger.