Summer flights between Novosibirsk and our Black Sea are normalized

Summer flights between Novosibirsk and our Black Sea are normalized

Russia will approve the program for scheduled flights of Bulgaria Air from Varna and Bourgas to Novosibirsk for the whole summer season. This was announced by Mediapool Deputy Transport Minister Kamen Kichev, who is in Moscow at a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Deputy Transport Minister Valery Okulov.

In early May, it became clear that Russian aviation authorities refuse to allow Bulgaria Air to carry Russian citizens on the Bulgarian Black Sea-Novosibirsk route because "this company is not an official carrier on the line and cannot operate flights in this direction" .

The tourism industry feared that the summer vacation of tens of thousands of Russians who paid for the Bulgarian tourist package along with the flights could be ruined. Instead of Bulgaria Air, tourists were taken with the Russian airline Siberia. According to Kichev, Bulgaria Air also operated flights on the line, but they were approved day by day.

The Bulgarian Transport Ministry also announced on Tuesday that the Director General of the State Enterprise "Air Traffic Management" (ATC) will be replaced. Diane Dinev will replace Georgi Angelov, who has held the post for about half a year.

From Moscow, Kichev commented to Mediapool that the change was necessary because "some things are not going in the right direction". The implementation of the company's capital program is one of them, Kichev said.

RVD has the reputation of a state-owned company whose employees have the highest average salaries in the country - about BGN 4900 last year, with the CEO's salary reaching up to BGN 17 thousand. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has vowed to set a salary cap in all state-owned companies, as they were "abnormally high".

Dinev has been working at the police department for 15 years. He began his career as a flight assistant. Over the years, he has held the positions of Flight Manager, Air Traffic Services (ATS) expert, Head of Training Center sector. Since 2006 he has been heading the Air Traffic Management Directorate.

He is also involved in the management of the project to build a functional airspace block DANUBE FAB - a project initiated by the European Commission - A Single European Sky for the harmonization and integration of air navigation services within the airspace of Bulgaria and Romania.

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Uh-huh, it's no secret that the ATC leadership has traditionally been a bureaucratic drag on money. Now it is not bad to change the leadership of Gu-Da CAA, because this agency did not cease to amaze us with its absurdities. As a start 2 years ago, CAA literally "cut the wings" of all Bulgarian cargo aviation and destroyed the business of hundreds of people by taking the type certificate of the An-12 aircraft they operate on. The ICAO provisions served as a formal basis, but this was just an occasion ... [Read full comment]

I was so worried - when flights would be normalized !!! And probably the whole Bulgarian people were also worried about this abnormal state of affairs, especially regarding the connection with Novosibirsk! (In fact, where was Novosibirsk? It should be in Siberia if you are judged by its name ???) But it is not bad with every flight back to load them with a hundred pieces of party guided by Positano 20.

It is no wonder, then, that the director is removed, people! Because he protects people and work. The financial results of the enterprise are good, but they are bad for the miserable state. It is not difficult to figure out what the state can ask of this enterprise - money - as all other governments did - they were pointing for private and public purposes. resistance from a professional, not a flirtation of a parachutist - that's why the nasty accusation is suppressed, albeit hailing as if the financial results ... [Read full comment]