Take a lot of hiking to see the little fabrics of Blairgowries

Take a lot of hiking to see the little fabrics of Blairgowries

The valley through which Lunan Burn flows from Dunkeld in the west to Blairgowrie in the east is swollen by small streams in or near the stream, a tributary of the Isla River and in turn, the Tay.

Just before heading south to meet Isla, the stream flows from a cluster of pools on the south side of Blairgowrie, quiet and in some cases hidden bodies of water shared by wildlife, anglers and walkers.

The city has a great road network and by combining some of these routes, I set out to explore the four waters of joy and hopefully enjoy the magnificent views and find animals and birds along the way.

From Blairgowrie Cemetery, I was on my way to Ardblair, a house complex on the edge of town, where roads led me through woodland and through the fields to Ardblair's Muirton Farm, then to the historic oak tree of Darroch. .

In the 18th and 19th centuries, a plantation under trees was once an important source of wood, charcoal and bark. These days, it is home to a large number of insects, mushrooms, birds and, for a short spring beauty, also prominent blue-bell carpets (known locally as Bluebell Woods).

Located south of the gate at the bottom of the woods, between the fields, the road crosses Whitelock Farm and the first basin of my day, Fingask Loch. Limited farmland and a strip of trees covering the outflow to Lunan Burn, sit by the seashore's house and quay by the water.

Just east of the farm road, White Loch is also a popular fishing pool, while the shoreline woodland offers hidden places to relax, sit and gaze across the water.

There wasn't much wildlife here, so moving back to the trail, I moved south to the small town of Carsie, enjoying views west of the farmland to the distant Benachally and Deuchary hills, both of which rise north of Dunkeld.

Turning west towards Newbigging, a grassy trail, a more secure trail from Lunan Bank led me south to meet the A93 at Carsie Bridge.

Cross the road east to the signed course to Stormont Loch, entering the gate of Blairgowrie Golf Club, just behind Hare Myre Cottage. The trail, lined with trees and shrubs, is in an open field to the left and right of the edge of the Lansdowne Club.

Hare Myre is located inside the trees, but the small lever is well covered, so turning east along the grassy forest trails, I headed for Stormont Loch (detour north from point 7 to visit the eastern end of Hare Myre).

It is surrounded by trees and thick vegetation, but I found a place away from the railroad cottage on the Lochside where I could have seen over an open forest, numerous ducks, geese and swans, all active on the water.

And as I circled through the woods north of the bay, I was rewarded with a patient observation of wild animals with a red squirrel busy with pine trees in the coming winter months.

1. Cross Perth Road and turn left at the bus shelter. Go right along the trail, then right again, following Ardblair Terrace to the end. Continue to the intersection of the tracks.

3. Branch straight through the gate (signed by Bluebell Woods) to Darroch Wood. Enter the wood and go left to the information board and gate. Take the gate south to Whitelock Farm

4. Go clockwise along the farm and continue along the road to the junction at Carsie. Go 500 m to the right along the trail, then on the left grassland (marked road), then follow south to the A93.

Classification: Easy and low journey along paths, paths and sidewalks through farmland and woodland. Shoes are recommended and dogs should drive if signs require it

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