Teenager avoids prison sentence for stabbing former friend on Listowel Road

Teenager avoids prison sentence for stabbing former friend on Listowel Road

One Palmerston teenager escaped jail for leaving his former friend off the Listowel on the highway and for intentionally assaulting him, but was still given a suspended sentence, probation and fine by a Stratford judge.

One Palmerston teenager escaped imprisonment for dropping - and deliberately stabbing - his ex-friend on a road outside Listowel, but still received a suspended sentence, probation and fine from a Stratford judge.

The way John Andrade behaved behind his wheel in his pickup truck on the Friday evening last July - just weeks before his 19th birthday - was "outrageous," Judge Kathryn McKerlie said.

The court heard that Kole See was running out of Tim Hortons in Palmerston and spotted Andrade, & nbsp; and his pickup truck parked there. See if Andrade, who was out of his vehicle, recognized him so he drove past a 2002 Volkswagen coffee shop and headed south on List 23 to McDonald's in Listowel. Previously, the couple's friendship had broken up due to a third party.

As It headed for North Perth, he noticed a pick-up truck passing past him on a single-lane road behind him. The truck pulled up beside him in the opposite direction and started rolling in his lane so he hit the brakes, the court heard. The retreating Andrade came to a stop on the 80-kilometer-hour highway and both drivers got out of their vehicles for a moment.

It tried to take a pickup truck, but Andrade pulled the steering wheel to the left and struck the Volkswagen rear-right door, the court heard.

"There was glass described as 'going anywhere,'" Crown Attorney Elizabeth Wilson said. "As a result, a back door caught fire and Mr Andrade left the scene without offering Mr See assistance."

Andrade pleaded guilty in the Stratford Courthouse to operating a motor vehicle unsafe. Both the lawyers and the judge stated that he could have gone to prison for this conviction.

"While this is not the case, for example, with long-term police pursuit or other dangerous driving situations, it is an intentional act where Mr Andrade takes his motor vehicle and uses it in an offensive - insulting way - against Mr Sen," said Wilson.

Instead, the lawyers agreed to a one-year suspended probation period, which included 50 hours of community service and strict orders to stay away from Seed. Nor can he drive for a year.

Andrade already paid See $ 350 in restitution - a seemingly low figure - but It bought a new door and self-identified the damage, Perth County OPP Const. & Nbsp; Krista Denstedt at the Crown Office.