The court sided with the director of the Novosibirsk Musical Special School

The court sided with the director of the Novosibirsk Musical Special School

Pupils from low-income families ate at school for free: the treasury commission, which conducted an audit in the fall of 2018, wrote four fines of 20 thousand rubles each to the director of the NSMH Alexander Marchenko.

The head of the legendary school of geniuses, from whose walls Vadim Repin, Anton Barakhovsky, Maxim Vengerov, Maria Mitina, Natalya Taldykina and other famous musicians came out, did not agree with the decision of the inspectors and appealed to the court with a request to resolve this dispute.

The Novosibirsk Railway Court, as reported by the Novaya Sibir newspaper, examined the complaint of Alexander Marchenko and ruled that 595 thousand rubles spent on food for schoolchildren should not be considered inappropriate spending. Referring to the Law on Education, the court indicated that the cost of food for students is part of the educational process. The Treasury Penalty Protocol has been canceled.

Let us explain that, in contrast to general education schools subordinated to municipalities, the Novosibirsk Special Music School is a federal budgetary educational institution. And if the nutrition of urban schoolchildren is regulated by local legislation, then the NSMSh reports directly to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, and Alexander Marchenko showed that these expenses were contained in the financial plan of the institution, agreed by the Ministry of Culture.

Recall that Alexander Marchenko has recently been in the spotlight of the press: the Ministry of Culture did not certify a respected teacher, which prevented him from continuing to work in his previous position. After protests from the public, in particular, the famous school graduates, a re-examination of the certification committee took place, which revised the previous decision and, for the first time in history, re-certified the director.