The deputy proposed to check the elite villages of Novosibirsk: "Gentlemen in the cottages" evade taxes

The deputy proposed to check the elite villages of Novosibirsk: Gentlemen in the cottages evade taxes

The deputy Igor Salov suggested the city hall to analyze how much the city budget is getting under the & nbsp; tax on property of individuals from & nbsp; owners of unregistered cottages in which people actually live. He & nbsp; announced about & nbsp; whole villages, in & nbsp; which the mansions were not & nbsp; put on & nbsp; registration, at a session of the City Council on October 23.

“Property for & nbsp; billions of rubles is hidden from & nbsp; taxes, & nbsp;” says Salov. - & nbsp; In & nbsp; as a result of an independent investigation of journalists & nbsp; - [it turned out that] in & nbsp; 80% of the villages, the property was not & nbsp; registered. Today it is derived from & nbsp; taxation. " spoke in detail about the “Udacha” village, in which the house of the wife of the commander of the Russian Guard troops in Siberia, Viktor Strigunov, is located in the nbsp; It turned out that far from & nbsp; all the mansions have registered addresses. For example, a part of houses that already have addresses in the 2GIS directory are not identified through the Rosreestr — only the land plot is registered.

“Today, we have pensioners, beneficiaries, and large families in the Moscow Ring House regularly paying [property tax],” said Salov. - & nbsp; Gentlemen in & nbsp; cottages allow themselves to go away from & nbsp; tax for many years. "

The deputy suggested the city hall together with the & nbsp; tax office to find a "step-by-step way" out of the & nbsp; situation. To begin with, Salov asked officials to prepare information about & nbsp; how much money the city budget is losing from & nbsp; unregistered cottage villages.

The head of the financial department of the city hall Alexander Veselkov admitted that there is a problem with & nbsp; unregistered housing. But & nbsp; it in & nbsp; first of all must be decided by the Federal Tax Service and & nbsp; Rosreestr.

“Until the property is & nbsp; registered, the obligation to [pay tax] does not & nbsp; arise. But & nbsp; statistics are positive & nbsp; - more than a thousand houses increase in & nbsp; year, "& nbsp;" Veselkov noted.

“It’s probably necessary to work here in the field of federal legislation”, & nbsp; - suggested the speaker of the City Council Dmitry Asantsev.
The session noted the proposal of Salov.
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