The first flight of the Russian UCAV Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik-B is coming, after the "Army"

The first flight of the Russian UCAV Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik-B is coming, after the Army

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Next July or August, the first flight of a Russian stealth Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik-B stealth aircraft will take place.

According to TASS, the information comes from the manufacturer of the aircraft and the first flight will take place at the aircraft factory in Novosibirsk.

The flight will take less than an hour and will be autonomously controlled by the airline's computer, although the company's technicians will be ready to intervene if necessary.

The maximum speed of the aircraft will reach 1,000 km / h and even overload, while its range will reach 6,000 km. The aircraft will be able to carry weapons weighing 2,000 kg in two indoor spaces in the fuselage.

The Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik-B in the military equipment exhibition "Army 2019"

According to information recently released by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and distributed by the news agency TASS, the new UAV Okhtnik (hunter) will be presented at the International Exhibition of Military Systems and Material Army 2019, which will be held this year at Kyiv. Moscow during the period 25 to 30 June.

The new Russian UAV, which was recently released and went viral on the Internet, began to develop in 2011, the year in which the contract was signed, and in 2014 it was presented in its natural size in Russian political and military leadership.

It is a large aircraft with a wingspan of more than 20 meters, a maximum takeoff weight of about 20 tons and the ability to carry weapons internally over long distances.

In the construction of the aircraft, complex materials have been widely used, while according to Western standards, the Russians claim that they have used special paints for the absorption of electromagnetic radiation to cover its surfaces. The aircraft's engine is thought to be the AL-41 of the Su-27 fighter family, or the improved AL-41F of the Su-35S.

Okhotnik was developed by Sukhoi, which borrowed data from MiG's previous Skat, and the construction was carried out under increased security measures and in complete secrecy at Novosibirsk's aircraft production facilities.

Although little is known about what kind of missions the new Russian UAV will undertake and whether it will actually go into mass production within the next decade, it is certain that the Russians will use it in conjunction with the Su-57 in both air-to-air operations, as well as air-to-ground operations.

The photos that have been released prove that the carrying capacity of weapons and fuel will be significant. Russia's Okhotnik is larger than anything else ever built and has flown into the United States and Europe to date.

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