The liligre cub: no good news for big cats - National Geographic

The liligre cub: no good news for big cats - National Geographic

According to some, therefore, there could be uosci. (Homo / monkey) while instead in "nature" it doesn't exist and neither could it. We thank the Eternal Father who placed a limit on these aberrations.

Before writing certain things you should get better informed! In the past, the lion even lived in the same habitats as the tiger, and some peoples have passed on the knowledge of their hybrids. These hybrids are partially sterile, in the sense that the females can procreate, in the case of chiara it is a second generation hybrid and is completely fruitful. The lack of fertile male hybrids leads the females to mate with their parents, bringing the descendants towards one or the other species within 3-4 generations. In any case, "liligre" does not exist, or is it a ti-ligre or a leo-ligre. Man does not create anything that nature has not already foreseen

Modern "zoological" institutions, he said, "should instead focus on wildlife and conservation programs." In fact ....... instead of always inventing new species (such as dogs and cats - which are then abandoned for roads and even wars between animal rights activists and the rest of the world) should focus on endangered animals. We have invaded nature and are destroying it only because we have a thinking brain and capable of inventing for useless fun .... .a big shame :( Using our ability for really useful things would be better .........

If the world's major oil, gas and coal producers increase their production as planned, it is certain that Paris' commitments on climate and the containment of the increase in global temperature will be skipped.

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