The Maldives of Siberia - Il Post

The Maldives of Siberia - Il Post

Near Novosibirsk there is a lake with turquoise waters where many go to be photographed: in reality it is the site where a power plant discharges its waste

In Siberia there is a lake with so blue waters that it deserves the Maldives nickname of Novosibirsk, which is the third most populous city in Russia with 1.6 million inhabitants. To look for it on Instagram, it is full of photographs of people in swimsuits and even couples of newlyweds posing in front of the turquoise expanses. The lake, however, as reported by the New York Times, is an artificial site where a power plant discharges its waste; the color of the water is due to the deposits of calcium salts and metal oxides, as explained by the company that manages the plant.

The company, the Siberian Electricity Company, has made it known that the lake's waters "are not poisonous" and have a "normal" level of radiation, but specified that the water is not safe for swimming, that it is very acidic and that getting out of the lake is complicated because "the bottom of the disposal site is very muddy, so if someone ends up there it is very difficult to get out". Despite this, dozens of people arrive the same, especially on weekends, looking for photographs to share on social media; on Instagram the lake also has an account, Novosibirsk Maldives, which is also called Maldivinsk by locals. AFP spoke to one of them, Alexei Cherenkov, who posted a picture of him on a unicorn-shaped inflatable, and explained that "I went there to take a nice picture of myself. Our city is so gray, and this is one of the few "beautiful" places nearby. "

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