The Novosibirsk governor is recommended to deprive Ecology-Novosibirsk of the status of a “garbage” operator

The Novosibirsk governor is recommended to deprive Ecology-Novosibirsk of the status of a “garbage” operator Photo: Roman Yarovitsyn / Kommersant & nbsp; & nbsp; | & nbsp; & nbsp; buy a photo
Carriers spoke on Vis
The Novosibirsk governor is recommended to deprive Ecology-Novosibirsk of the status of a “garbage” operator
Kommersant (Novosibirsk) No. 184 dated 10/09/2019

Deputies of the Novosibirsk Legislative Assembly intend to recommend that Governor Andrei Travnikov deprive Ecology-Novosibirsk (part of the Vis group) of the status of a “garbage" re-operator. The decision was made following the meeting, collected at the request of MSW carriers. According to them, the debts of the re-operator as of September 1 for only six out of 12 transport companies exceeded 400 million rubles. In turn, the regional government recommended carriers through the court to recover debts from Ecology-Novosibirsk for garbage collection.

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk Region will recommend the head of the region, Andrei Travnikov, to deprive Ecology-Novosibirsk LLC of the status of a regional operator for the treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW). This was reported to Kommersant by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Construction, Housing and Communal Services and the rates of the legislative assembly Vadim Ageenko. “We will bring up the issue of appealing to the governor at a meeting of the housing and communal services committee. The main message - we will recommend depriving Ecology-Novosibirsk of the status of re-operator for the systematic failure to fulfill direct obligations in full, ”he said.

The appeal decision was made following a meeting convened at the request of MSW carriers, who complained to deputies and the Regional Public Chamber about the problem with the debts of the re-operator for garbage collection. As Vadim Ageenko said at the meeting, their sum for only six out of 12 companies amounted to 409 million rubles. In July, in a letter to the governor, signed by nine transport companies, carriers indicated that Ecology-Novosibirsk, according to their calculations, owed them and landfills about 700 million rubles. Carriers reported that the re-operator began to delay payments in full since April, accepting supposedly only 60% of the services provided. The remaining 40% “garbage” operator promised to accept only after additional checks. At Ecology-Novosibirsk, this decision was then explained by the fact that the amount of MSW presented by carriers for payment exceeds the volumes that were taken into account when setting tariffs. Transport companies appealed to the Federal Antimonopoly Service with a complaint about these actions by the operator, the results of the decision of the regulatory body are still unknown.

“There should be a reasonable period for checking carriers by a re-operator, based on its results a decision is made on the violations found. So far, no transport company has received a single official act of verification and the act of work performed for the services rendered in full. We don’t have any understanding of further work, financial resources are running out, ”Kirill Riterman, a representative of the MSW LLC, said at the meeting. Director General of Novosibspectrans LLC Alexey Sivitsky noted that the only source of income for MSW carriers is the payments of a re-operator. Some carriers have been brought to the extreme by the re-operator, said Vadim Ageenko: “Debts from a number of companies range from 22 to 88 million rubles. This does not allow carriers to pay salaries, purchase fuel and lubricants, and pay taxes. The two carriers subcontractors tore up the contract and refuse to take out the garbage, ”said Vadim Ageenko.

Carriers suggested that the re-operator pay the debt and sign the acts of work in full. “There is a contract, we submitted reports, there is time for comments, and if they are not received within the prescribed time, then payments must be made in full. We have fulfilled our obligations. We want to get the money, ”said Andrey Zykov, Director of Municipal Unitary Enterprise Special Automotive Economy.

The deputies suggested the director general of Ecology-Novosibirsk Larisa Anisimova to directly answer the question of debts to carriers and to name those who exceeded the volume of transportation of MSW. “I don’t argue - the re-operator must pay,” she said. According to her, all carriers exceeded volumes. The deputies noted that there is no overestimation of volumes at times, judging by the reports provided by carriers. When asked by Vadim Ageenko whether the Vis group is ready to provide funds to pay off Ecology-Novosibirsk debts, Larisa Anisimova replied: “No comment.”

“I understand that there are claims for payment. But let’s leave it in the plane of clarifying the relations of commercial organizations ... ”said the Minister of Housing and Public Utilities and Energy of the Novosibirsk Region Denis Arkhipov. Deputy Governor Sergei Semka also noted that each of the parties "has the opportunity to resolve the matter in court." “We are sure to complete all the requirements presented to the re-operator, by signing reconciliation acts, familiarizing ourselves with the verification materials, and normalizing settlements. I hope this will happen no later than next week. It is necessary to determine the procedure for verifying the execution of contracts. This is not, and because of this inconsistency. By next year, the re-operator will prepare agreements where such an order will be determined, ”he promised.

Vadim Ageenko said to Kommersant that the agreement concluded between the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities and the re-operator provides for subsidiary liability of the parties. “We asked the government of the region, the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities - is it ready for the fact that it will have to pay from the budget? If one of the parties does not fulfill its obligations or partially fulfills them, the second party must fully compensate the losses. The same applies to losses incurred by third parties, in this case carriers, from the actions of one of the parties, ”said Vadim Ageenko.

The vice-speaker of the legislative assembly, Andrei Panferov, called the problem “egregious”: “I am obliged from the deputy corps to contact the governor. In order to overwhelm the implementation of federal law, it was necessary to just follow that path and be guided by the actions that we are talking about. "The problem is very serious, and if it is not resolved radically in the near future, then it will move to the political plane."

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