The Novosibrsk region: ideal place to create business -

The Novosibrsk region: ideal place to create business -

Stimulated and motivated by the declarations of collaboration repeatedly made by the Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Vladimir Gorodesky and the Governor of the Lombardy Region Roberto Maroni, which resulted in the signing of a Bilateral Agreement between the two countries (July 2015), as well as after having contacted the reality of the Siberian market and having verified the countless job opportunities for Italian companies, the managers of JC1 Group (Italian organization residing in Milan) have decided to open an office in Novosibirsk to develop and increase business between Italy and Siberia.

Novosibirsk is the administrative center of both the Novobibirsk Region and the Siberian Federal District and, with a population of approximately 2.5 million inhabitants, it is the third largest city in the Russian Federation, but its inhabitants increase by about 300,000 each year. The region presents a balanced combination of industry, agriculture, transport and construction.

According to the statements of Vladimir Gorodetsky, Governor of Novosibirsk "this region has & nbsp; enormous potential, we expect growth of 6-7% for 2016 and in 2015 41 & nbsp; millions of commercial investments from foreign partners, including Italy, arrived. If sanctions drop, contacts with other countries will have a big boost. "

It is not difficult to believe it since in the last ten years the Region has seen the gross product grow by 70%; industrial production of 80%; per capita income of 300%; fixed capital investments quadrupled and over 19 million square meters of residential property were put into service.

The priority sectors for which the Region requests the cooperation of Italian companies are manifold. They range from the metallurgical to the chemical industry, from agri-food to health; from buildings and infrastructures to energy efficiency, from information technologies to textiles and fashion, from light industry to culture and tourism, from environmental protection to industrial and interior design.

Those who want to invest in this region must bear in mind that the Siberian federal district is rich in nickel, gold, lead, coal, molybdenum, diamonds, silver, zinc, oil and natural gas. The city of Nonl’sk is the world's largest nickel and palladium producer. The sea of ​​Okhotsk produces 10% of the world's annual catch. In the south, wheat, barley, rye and potatoes are grown and goat and cattle herding in the south and reindeer in the north are highly developed.

The JC1 Group, headed by engineer Renato Lorenzo Nifosi, is now joining this ever-expanding reality, which has been working for Italian companies over time by providing them with specialized consultancy services aimed at their insertion in foreign sectors and commercial areas deemed of particular interest.

The entry into this team of engineers & nbsp; Franco Gualtieri (40 years of experience in the management consultancy sector) and Ennio Carbone (formerly General Manager of Snam Progetti) has produced a strong acceleration in the development of the activities. Currently JC1 Group collaborates with the Novosibirsk Region, with AIR (Regional Agency for Investment Development), with the Industrial Chamber of Commerce (TTP) of Novosibirsk and with other Siberian Trade Associations.

The JC1 office is located in the AIR building and three people, technicians and interpreter, work there. & Nbsp; The role that AIR is playing and which is the government agency responsible for attracting investments and collaborating with investors in the Novosibirsk region. AIR carries out, among other things, the functions of attracting and accompanying investors to carry out projects in the territory of the Novosibirsk Region; to support the development of the public-private partnership; increase in projects for the creation of technological and industrial parks.

On October 7, 2015 in Novosibrsk a bilateral collaboration agreement was signed between AIR and & nbsp; JC1 Group which, among other things, has among its purposes that of promoting "Made in Italy" in the Novosibirsk Region and in the Siberian District, the use of the Industrial Logistic Park, the Tecnoparco, the Biotecnoparco and the Tecnoparco di Medicina as equipped logistics for the Italian companies interested in the process of relocation of their production activity and the startup of competitive business initiatives. The AIR is also ready to facilitate the opening of representative offices or operational offices in both Novosibirsk and Milan; to develop contacts, event missions to match demand with supply; to add their new partners to their logo; to create "Clusters" intended for the development, in a limited area, of activities that are homogeneous among them, for the creation of finished products with "Made in Italy" quality standards.

Currently JC1 and AIR are working synergistically to organize missions of 8-10 Italian entrepreneurs in the Novosibirsk Region, entrepreneurs who have as their objective the inclusion of their products, plants, new technologies and know-how in Siberia. The starting dates of the next missions (each of 4 days) are March 7, April 9, May 23 and July 11, 2016.

During each Mission several meetings are scheduled between Italian and political entrepreneurs, public and private institutions, trade associations and local distribution channels. The commercial and marketing initiative starts from the first day after the closure of the mission and continues for 12 months. In this way, the Italian entrepreneur will benefit from the commercial structure of the JC1 Group operating in the Region to follow up on contacts made during the mission, develop new contacts through targeted commercial actions, identify partnerships with local entrepreneurs, negotiate and manage requests for offers over time , domicile the Italian company at the JC1 Group office, support companies in dealing with problems related to customs duties, local taxation, legal and corporate aspects.

Among other things, having Novosibirsk as its base, it is possible to extend its interests to other neighboring countries, such as Kazakhstan and Mongolia (without forgetting the Russian Federation).

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