The photos of the fires in Siberia made by Greenpeace

The photos of the fires in Siberia made by Greenpeace

A Greenpeace Russia team flies to Siberia to bear witness of the disastrous fires blazing currently on a huge area. The images are taken in the Irkutsk region where at this moment the fires cover an area of ​​about 1.3 million hectares (3.2 million acres). Special forces from Avialesookhrana (the airborne forest guard) fight the fires but many of them are beyond their reach. Burning forests dramatically boost climate change and become a climate emergency.

Wondering what a larger burning forest area in Belgium looks like? Greenpeace Russia has documented the fires, to demonstrate their effect, size and catastrophic impact on all of us.

"Is it fog or smoke?" This is the first thing that comes to mind when the air you breathe becomes cloudy and dense. The same question was asked by residents of many cities and towns in the Irkutsk region of Russia. Every summer these cities find themselves in smoke.

We found satellite images of fires burning 320 kilometers away, so we took a small helicopter and flew over the fires in the taiga. It is an endless boreal forest of beautiful trees that extends to the horizon. However, it does not seem that we are flying, but swimming through the beauty of it. Soon we saw a column of smoke above the forest and flying in the smog. I am quickly approaching the furnace, I have to take photos. I want to fix the disaster. I take pictures, through my own tears.

We can see the area that has already been burned. The trees stand like charred matches and the ground is covered with sores. You can see how the fire destroyed the area as it burns the ground while the trees in the distance are clouded by viscous smoke.

We experience the effects of climate change every day: from air currents in Africa to monsoons in Southeast Asia. The wild forests of Russia are a big part of the restoration of the climate balance on the planet, but now they are burning - they are turning themselves into a cause of climate change.

90% of the fires in Russia are the result of human activities, according to official statistics and Greenpeace research. According to satellite imagery, most of the fires in Siberia and the Far East started near deforestation sites, along roads and rivers where people have fires.

Only 9% of the current fires are addressed. The Russian authorities have decided not to commit to fighting these fires, since the "consequences do not outweigh the resources necessary to fight them". Every day new and vast territories catch fire because the climate is hot and dry. The villages in Siberia and the Far East are in danger.

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