The power plant asks instagramowicz to come to their senses. They take pictures taking a bath in hazardous waste, because they look nice

The power plant asks instagramowicz to come to their senses. They take pictures taking a bath in hazardous waste, because they look nice

Novosibirsk Maldives - this is the nickname for a lake in Siberia with its turquoise water color. Instagram paradise is actually a toxic waste dump from a nearby power plant.

The water of the water reservoir conceals the ash discharged into it from the coal power plant. The captivating appearance is very misleading - even being near a "lake" can be dangerous. The object, however, became the destination of real pilgrimages of people who want to boast of a spectacular photo on Instagram.

Instagram users are willing to risk a lot for a good shot. When popularity records were broken by the HBO Chernobyl series, influencers began to massively go to the Exclusion Zone to publish a photo from the closed area because of fear of radiation.

Seeing the huge interest in pics of the Novosibirsk CHP-5 object, i.e. an artificial water reservoir built for waste storage, the power plant sent instagram users to refrain from bathing.

Research shows that water with ash and other wastes is not poisonous, and the level of radiation is not elevated, but it's better to avoid contact with the liquid and reduce the time spent in the area of ​​the hazardous waste landfill.

Due to the alkalinity of water, an allergic reaction is highly likely. Specialists also warn that the bottom of the tank is so muddy that it is impossible to get out of the mud on its own.

The power plant also explained why the water in the artificial tank has such an attractive appearance. It is a combination of two factors - the appropriate depth of the basin (1-2 meters) and the presence of various metal oxides and salts.

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