Three employees of a gold mining artel arrested for violating safety rules

Three employees of a gold mining artel arrested for violating safety rules How do you break self-isolation?
I go to a distant garbage dump and to a distant store / pharmacy
Walk the dog further than 100 meters from the house
I walk around the area
Walking with a child, he needs fresh air
Go jogging
I leave without a pass
Keep working
All of the above
Don't break
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Five miners continue to search
Three employees of a gold mining artel arrested for violating safety rules
Kommersant (Novosibirsk) No. 193 dated 10/22/2019

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the search continues for five shift workers who were missing as a result of the mudflow going to the town of prospectors of the Sisim gold mining artel. On the night of September 19, as a result of a dam break, a stream of clay and stones washed away the artisans’s temporary huts, 15 workers were killed and dozens were injured. Yesterday, the court sent three heads of the Sisim artel to a pre-trial detention center. One of the defendants in the case, the head of the plot, Andrei Eganov, repented of his deed and even expressed a desire to conclude a pre-trial transaction with the investigation.

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, rescuers have substantially expanded the area of ​​search for those who disappeared as a result of a powerful mudflow flow to the gold miners' town, located next to the taiga river Ceiba in the Kuraginsky district.

On the night of October 19, a powerful stream of water destroyed one after another five bulk dams on the Ceiba River. Water and mudflows were washed away makeshift wagons, in which prospectors rested, as well as outbuildings. Escaping, the shift workers jumped out of the windows. 15 mine workers died, dozens received injuries and injuries.

Aviation joined in the search for the five missing shift workers, which are being conducted the third day. According to the rescuers' report, they examined the bank of the Ceiba River before flowing into the Sisim River, dismantled debris from building materials and garbage formed downstream of the river. However, the search for results did not bring.

The head of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Uss instructed to provide one-time financial assistance: for the dead they will be paid compensation of 1 million rubles, for the wounded, depending on the injuries and injuries, from 50 to 500 thousand rubles. According to Kommersant in the regional government, today the first relatives of the dead gold miners arrived in Krasnoyarsk (except for Krasnoyarsk residents of Khakassia, Kemerovo and Vologda regions died in the river). The costs of travel and accommodation, as well as transportation of bodies and burial were incurred by the owner of the Sisim gold mining company.

Yesterday, investigators filed a petition for the detention of three heads of Sisim LLC (part of the Sibzoloto holding) - director Maxim Kovalkov, mining foreman Yevgeny Alexandrov and head of the site Andrei Eganov. All of them were detained the day before in the Kuraginsky district and delivered by helicopter to Krasnoyarsk. He is accused of violating safety rules during the work, resulting in heavy casualties (part 3 of article 216 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation): according to the investigation, the bulk dams used by the miners were erected without any permits in order to divert groundwater at the gold mining site . According to the conclusion of Rostekhnadzor, which is attached to the case, "the destruction of the dams was due to violations committed during the formation and operation of technological sumps and retaining embankments."

In addition, the investigation established that the mining foreman Yevgeny Alexandrov, whose job responsibilities included organizing and conducting work on the site, does not have a special education and is self-taught.

Of the three defendants in the case, only the head of the station, Andrei Eganov, pleaded guilty. “The head of the site questioned as a suspect fully admitted guilt, repented of his deed and expressed a desire to conclude a pre-trial agreement with the investigation, the director and mining foreman of the gold mining artel do not admit guilt in the alleged crime,” the ICR department said. The head of “Sisim” Maxim Kovalkov asked the court to leave him free, since it is necessary to make compensations to the relatives of the dead miners and the wounded.

Investigator Yekaterina Sharygina, who requested the arrest of the suspects, stated at the hearing that on the eve of the search in the Sisim city office an attempt was made to export four system units and documentation. The car, which was supposed to take away the evidence, managed to stop in time. According to Interfax, judge Marina Popotsova announced the testimony of the Minister of Ecology of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Pavel Korchashkin, according to which the agency concluded an agreement on the use of water resources with Sisim LLC, which expired in 2017.

The court granted the request of the investigation and placed the defendants in the pre-trial detention center until December 18.

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