Toxic Lake in Siberia Attracts Instagram Users Due to Its Color

Toxic Lake in Siberia Attracts Instagram Users Due to Its Color

Social media craze makes people do unbelievable things. People who want to take a beautiful selfie continue to enter the lake, which attracts attention with its turquoise color, but is quite toxic, despite all the warnings.

The turquoise lake in Siberia, which is also called the Maldives of Novosibirsk, which provides a great background for Instagram shares, is actually a place where power plants shed the ashes. The reason why the color of the lake is turquoise is the calcium salt and other metal oxides from the plants.

Although the Russian company operating the power plant warns people about this dangerous place, which is frequently visited to take selfies, these warnings cause people to visit this goal more.

A user who went to the lake and took a photo and shared it on his Instagram account said, “It is not dangerous to swim here. The next morning my legs became red and itchy for two days, but then they all disappeared. But what would you not do for such a photo? ” The same person later said that the taste of the water was sour.

Siberian Generating Company, which operates the coal power plant, said in a post on the Russian social platform VKontakte, “Don't swim in the ash dump. Water is too alkaline. The reason for this is the water-soluble calcium salt and other metal oxides. Any contact with water may cause an allergic reaction. ”

The company also said that people could get stuck in the ashes at the bottom of the water and could not get rid of it, and said that the water was not poisonous and the level of radioactivity was controlled by independent auditors.