Toxic lakes - Instagrammer hotspot

Toxic lakes - Instagrammer hotspot

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Influencer ... Please travel by your belt and refrain from your daring stories, photos or selfies. Nobody cares anyway, whether it's your "outfit of the day" or a jump off the cliff. But do yourself a favor. Would be a real shame if you go for a photo. At least if you ask your mom.

They risk their lives, endanger their health or, to put it simply, they are simply stupid. And “she” means influencers who risk a lot in the hunt for the perfect shot. No, no ethyl alcohol, it would be nice. It's about photos. The presentation area for the pictures? Of course Instagram.

Crystal clear, turquoise lakes. You look very beautiful. Reminiscent of the Caribbean and give you that holiday feeling. That is why they are THE selfie hotspots for (poor) Instagramers who the Seychelles or Maldives cannot afford. Almost no one notices. Well, except for your own health. Because many of these lakes are poisonous.

The lake is not, as many may assume, a natural phenomenon, but a highly toxic, artificial pond that regularly gets the ashes from a nearby coal-fired power plant. The power plant reacted due to the influx of influencers and emphasized that swimming in the pond, which the company uses as a so-called "ash dump", is hazardous to health.

The lake is full of toxic chemicals that can trigger allergic skin reactions. The color comes from the depth of the water and the various metal oxides contained in the lake.

The company also announced online that the bottom of the lake was so muddy that it would be “almost impossible” to get out. The company warns in capital letters of the toxic Wannabe Maldives.

There is already an Instagram account that is full of influencer images. After all, the profile also shows pictures that expose the beautiful appearance. The following picture shows an industrial plant that protrudes into the lake.

In Spain there is a similar, small lake with crystal clear water. The Monte Neme, high up in the mountains of Galicia. Nice and toxic. Like some people. Behind the turquoise paradise is a disused quarry filled with water. This was closed by the miners in the 80s. Among other things, tungsten was mined here for the use of light bulbs.

They take a run-up and make an ass bomb in the poisonous pools. Without fear of loss. Everything for the perfect photo. A current case from Spain makes headlines: An influencer had to vomit several times after taking a bath in the lake. A few days after the photo shoot on Monte Neme, she also got a rash.

According to statements made to a Spanish newspaper, she should not regret the splashing. There is only one thing left to say: Dear influencer, unfortunately we have no intelligence prize for you today. But a photo. Obviously enough for you.

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