Without a court, it will not repay multimillion-dollar debts to garbage carriers Ecology Novosibirsk

Without a court, it will not repay multimillion-dollar debts to garbage carriers Ecology Novosibirsk

A regional operator also owes EcoService from Berdsk for garbage collection. But the Berd company is waiting for the end of October, trying to agree. The re-operator does not believe carriers on the declared volumes of garbage.

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As it became known Courier. Wednesday. Berdsk, three carriers of municipal solid waste sent pre-trial claims against multi-million-dollar debts to the Ecology-Novosibirsk rubbish transport operator.

On October 10, three documents were published on the VKontakte community in the VKontakte social network. Garbage carriers, including those from Iskitim, claim that the regional MSW operator owes them large amounts of a total of 200 million rubles.

Claims were filed by ECO-LINE LLC, Eco-Line and La Trans. According to Novaya Sibir, the re-operator did not agree with the amount of the debt and was ready to resolve the issue in court: - & gt; In accordance with the terms of the contract, all disputes and disagreements arising in connection with its execution, the parties must resolve by negotiation, if the mutual agreement is not reached, the disputes under the contract are resolved in court.

As the Courier reported. Wednesday. Berdsk, the day before, in the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk Region, deputies considered the issue of depriving Ecology-Novosibirsk of the status of a regional operator. The company Ecology-Novosibirsk has been collecting, transporting, processing, disposing, disposing of, and disposing of solid municipal waste in the Novosibirsk Region since 2017.

The decision to send the region’s governor Andrei Travnikov recommendations to deprive the company of this status, the deputies made at the initiative of MSW carriers, to whom the re-operator owed about 700 million rubles. At the same time, companies that take out garbage, payments from Ecology-Novosibirsk are the only source of income, carriers are forced to take loans to continue working.

The debt collector has debts and before EcoService from Berdsk. This was confirmed today, October 14, by the head of the company, Zhanna Telichko, declining to give the amount of debt.

So far I'm not ready to comment. We started negotiations with Ecology-Novosibirsk. They, as I understand it, must all, explained the Courier. Wednesday. Berdsk Zhanna Vladimirovna, noting that she would be ready to answer questions at the end of October.

As the Courier reported. Wednesday. Berdsk, in August, the re-operator began to pay off debts that had developed over three months. At the same time, EcoService did not stop taking garbage from the territory of Berdsk for a day.

-We were paid 60% in April and the same amount in May. I will not comment on the situation. We take out the garbage. Can you imagine if we don’t stop doing this? We were credited to work. In the end, we have the government of the Novosibirsk region, the second side in signing the agreement. When we can’t export it, we’ll go there, Zhanna Vladimirovna said.

Recall that from January 1, 2019, the Novosibirsk Region switched to a new system for the management of municipal solid waste (MSW). All contractual relations with individuals and legal entities and charges are now handled by the regional operator Ecology Novosibirsk LLC. Also, through a competitive procedure, the carrier in the city of Berdsk LLC EcoService was determined.

At a meeting with the Minister of Housing and Public Utilities of the Novosibirsk Region, Denis Arkhipov, the representative of the re-operator explained the delays in paying for the complicated procedure of verifying the acts of work performed. The press service of the re-operator announced cases of significant (up to 40%) overstatement of the volume of waste transported, discrepancy in the number of flights, non-compliance with special routes of declared routes, and more.

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Reply - & gt; New Mayor, October 15, 2019 1:11 p.m. You can’t imagine how much pleasure I am waiting for the outcome of this adventure, in anticipation of the mountains of garbage in the city. But for myself, I decided where I would take the packages in case of garbage collapse, 1 Ecology office or 2 Administration of Berdsk. 2 0 Reply New mayor, October 15, 2019 13:17 Advice to Jeanne, do not hope that you will be treated differently, they will also throw you. Team up with the rest of the carriers. 2 0 Reply aleks, October 15, 2019 2:43 p.m. They fight with us to the full whether there is garbage or not i.e. Regardless of the volumes, they immediately consider volumes to pay for garbage collection. 5 0 Reply Your opinion is valuable: leave a comment, enter or register, then you do not have to enter a name each time, and you can set yourself an "avatar". : o "& gt;" & gt; Cancel Reply to a question by the editor Read the commenting rules

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